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Faculty Senate Committees

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Most of these committees are under the guidance of Academic Affairs. Please see the Academic Affairs Committees web page for more information on each committee.

Academic Affairs Committee

Tori Wagner-Greene, chair
Jason Bruck
Emily Payne
Sarah Straub
Jake Walburn

This committee deals with matters pertaining to academic standards and the academic relationships between faculty and students. The committee's responsibility includes, but is not limited to, curriculum, degree requirements, admission policies, standards of academic performance, types of degrees offered, and new programs.

Administration and Finance Committee

Rebecca Davis, chair
Lisa Bentley
Michelle Klein
Leland C. Thompson

This committee provides faculty interpretation of, response to, and advice concerning university administrative and financial procedures. The committee's responsibility includes, but is not limited to, university expenditure and revenue policies relative to fund allocation, salary equalization, budget development, and financial planning.

Communications Committee

Bailey Thompson, chair
Hunter Hampton
Ericka Hoagland
Sarah Straub

This committee is responsible for disseminating information about Senate activities to the faculty as a whole and to encourage input from the faculty.

Elections Committee

Mario Ajero, chair
Rob McDermand
Bidisha Sengupta

This committee organizes and conducts all senatorial elections and any other elections which the senate is asked to conduct for the university.

Ethics Committee

Rebecca Kidd, chair
Daniel McCleary
Tyler Welsh

This committee deals with all matters which involve the faculty's professional and moral judgments and activities in the university environment.

Faculty Government and Involvement Committee

George Day, chair
Sarah Drake
Herb Midgley

This committee deals with matters pertaining to the relationship between the faculty and the administration and with matters concerning the Senate as the representative body of the faculty.

Professional Welfare Committee

Julie Bloxson, chair
Eden Collins, chair

Rajat Mishra, chair
Arye Chakravartty
Wenjing Li
Alexandra Martynova-Van Kley
Louise Stoehr

This committee deals with all university policies and procedures which affect the professional life of the faculty. In particular, the committee shall review policies relating to tenure, academic freedom, salary, promotions, employment practices, dismissal of faculty, evaluation of faculty, faculty workloads, fringe benefits, retirement, and any other such item about which faculty members are concerned.

Senate Strategic Planning Committee

Ayre Chakravartty, chair
Jeremy Becnel
Gina Fe Causin
CC Conn
Chris McKenna

This committee monitors institutional, stateand national faculty issues and trends, sets goals parallel to institutional planning, and assesses the progress of these goals from a faculty perspective.


The Faculty Senate
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