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We prepare undergraduate students for careers in public health and kinesiology while offering graduate programs in athletic training and human performance studies. Our department also works to develop the total fitness, health and recreational sports skills of the general university student through fitness and lifetime sports programs.

Lumberjack Spotlight

  • Treating students like family

    Dr. DawnElla M. Rust, professor of kinesiology and health science, was named the 2018-19 Regents Professor, a title reserved for exemplary university role models and the highest honor bestowed by SFA’s Board of Regents upon faculty members.

    “To me, it means that my passion for the profession and my students was acknowledged,” Rust said. “My dedication to the profession is and has been to make a difference in my students' lives. I refer to these students as ‘my kids,’ and I truly care about their success.”

    DawnElla Rust

    Dr. DawnElla Rust, 2018-19 Regents Professor

  • Interning at NASA’s RehabWorks

    As an athletic training graduate student, Nicole Cardenas made a giant leap of her own when she interned at RehabWorks, the athletic training clinic at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Cardenas worked daily with multiple patients. She conducted evaluations of musculoskeletal injuries, created rehab designs, closely interacted with clinicians, worked with a variety of therapeutic modalities and completed daily charting and patient education.

    “It was such an amazing opportunity,” she said. “I not only saw some of the space program’s historic treasures, like Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, but I also heard stories from incredible people who all contribute to the space program and put so much time and effort into the future of space exploration.”

    Nicole Cardenas

    Nicole Cardenas, athletic training graduate student

Transformative Experiences

Meet Our Students

  • Isania Bazan

    Isania Bazan

    An American College of Sports Medicine Certified exercise physiologist and graduate student at SFA, Isania is utilizing her skills in the cardiac rehabilitation department at Nacogdoches Memorial Health Hospital. 

    “I love my job because I get the chance to help patients live healthier lives,” Bazan said. “I help patients learn about their risk factors for heart disease and assist them with lifestyle changes. I design a personalized exercise prescription for every patient based on the patient’s needs and abilities.”

  • Casey Pederson

    Casey Pederson

    For Casey, her second year at SFA made her realize that she had “beyond a doubt picked the right school.” A kinesiology major, Pederson has expanded her SFA experience to include serving as an Orientation leader and community assistant in the residence halls. 

    “What surprised me the most about my education was how much our professors in the kinesiology department and all over campus care about our success,” she said. “You hear all kinds of stories in high school about how professors don’t care if you pass or fail, but that is just not true about SFA.”

  • Zach Gin

    Zach Gin

    Zachary competed in the student bowl competition at the Texas American College of Sports Medicine Conference, which pitted him and two other SFA students against students from universities across Texas. Gin showed off his knowledge by answering “Jeopardy” style questions about kinesiology. 

    He said, “Preparing for that competition really helped me excel throughout my courses at SFA. I honestly believe all the professors in the kinesiology department go above and beyond expectations to help students gain the most from their education.”

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