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A wonderful collection of picture books, easy readers, young adult fiction and nonfiction are housed in the Steen Library's Curriculum Collection.

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Visiting the Curriculum Collection

The Steen Library is located at the heart of campus, directly behind Surfin' Steve Plaza. If you do not have an SFA parking permit, visit the University Police Department's Parking Permit webpage for more information on receiving a visitor pass.

The Curriculum Collection is located on the library's second floor. Upon exiting the elevators, you will see the Curriculum Collection to your left.

Family-friendly amenities

If you need a diaper-changing table or lactation space during your visit to campus, explore our family-friendly restrooms to locate the nearest options.

Borrowing books

The Curriculum Collection books are available for use by anyone who visits the library. To check out a book, you need to have an SFA ID or a Nacogdoches Public Library card. The Steen Library and NPL allow users access to check out books, and other materials, with the SFA ID or NPL card.

Literacy activity kits for visiting children

Through a collaboration with students enrolled in a secondary education course, the library offers a selection of 'book kits'. The SFA students select books from the Curriculum Collection and create an activity kit to follow each book's theme. These activity kits offer a semi-structured literacy-based entertainment for children while their guardian works or studies in the library.

How it works
  1. Visit the mobile book truck, located in front of the elevators in the library lobby.
  2. Enjoy the book and activity while you visit the library.
  3. Return the book when you're ready to leave the library. The book cannot be checked out.
  4. The contents of the activity kit are yours to keep!

Read the February 2024 news release announcing the literacy activity kits.


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