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The primary goal of the makerspace is to support student learning. In many cases, this learning will come as a result of the integration of maker tools and resources into program and course curricula. We acknowledge that the integration of maker technologies and assignments feels more natural in some disciplines than others and that faculty have varying levels of experience and comfort with maker resources. We are committed to working with individual faculty members to identify the maker competencies they seek to develop in students and then to collaborating with them to create valuable learning experiences. The makerspace partners with the Center for Teaching and Learning to provide support for curricular integration of maker technologies. For assistance, please email Megan Weatherly at

The makerspace is located on the first floor of the Steen Library, directly across from the AARC. Learn more about our mission on our About page. We are actively working with faculty seeking to utilize the makerspace in courses and research. We would love to work with you! Email us at to discuss how we can best help you.


SFA Makerspace
Steen Library, First Floor