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What is the SFA Makerspace?

The SFA Makerspace is part of the Lumberjack Learning Commons in the Steen Library. Our goal is to facilitate the work of making by teaching clients to use the technologies we have available, assisting them with questions and troubleshooting, and leading them to paths for ideation, iteration and production. The Makerspace’s primary goal is to support student learning, but we also support research, independent projects and our campus maker community.

Our work is done in collaboration with Information Technology Services.

Our mission

The mission of the SFA Makerspace is to foster a collaborative, inclusive environment with access to resources and technologies the SFA community can use to learn, create and explore.

Our vision

The vision for the SFA Makerspace is to empower members of the SFA community to develop ideas and problem-solving skills that can foster personal growth, create professional opportunities and address local, regional and global issues of concern.

Our philosophy

The makerspace is an accessible, interdisciplinary area open to all students, faculty and staff.

In this self-directed, collaborative space, you can work alone, or with others to make creative ideas a reality. In our fun, experiential, safe environment, you can learn new skills and work hands-on with new technologies to solve problems or create new things.

The makerspace promotes a growth mindset; we embrace failure not as a setback but a stepping stone to learning. Our constructionist approach helps you acquire knowledge by building artifacts that you can share with others.


SFA Makerspace
Steen Library, First Floor