Stephen F. Austin State University

Principal Investigator

The Principal Investigator (PI) is ultimately responsible for assuring compliance with applicable University IRB policies and procedures, DHHS Federal Policy Regulations, and FDA regulations and for the oversight of the research study and the informed consent process. Although the PI may delegate tasks to members of his/her research team, s/he retains the ultimate responsibility for the conduct of the study.

Who May Serve as a Principal Investigator

Because PI responsibilities involve direct interaction and supervision of the research team, the PI must be a current faculty or staff of the University and/or a person who is operating within their University. PIs leaving the institution are responsible for notifying the IRB well in advance of their departure so that they can make arrangements to either close the study or name another appropriately qualified individual currently at the institution to serve as the PI.

The following individuals may serve as PI:

Note: Given the responsibilities of PIs, at SFA, students may NOT serve as principal investigators for their own research projects and CANNOT submit an IRB application.

General Responsibilities of Principal Investigators

As a general condition for the approval of a research study, the IRB holds the principal investigator of the study responsible for ensuring that:

Specific Responsibilities of Principal Investigators

The IRB holds the principal investigator of an approved research study responsible for:

Responsibilities of investigators are further detailed in the references outlined below.

Co-Investigators and Research Staff

Appropriately qualified co-investigators and research staff may perform tasks as delegated by the Principal Investigator (PI) but they do not accept primary responsibility for the research study.

General Responsibilities of the Co-Investigator and Research Staff