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Concerns about animal care and use at SFA or suspected non-compliance with laws, rules, regulations and policies should be documented clearly and fully to prevent misunderstandings. At a minimum, the concern should identify:

  • Individual(s) against whom the concern is directed, if known
  • The alleged misconduct
  • Evidence that would allow the IACUC to determine if the complaint warrants further investigation to support allegations
  • Names and contact information for any additional persons, if any, who are capable of providing supporting information

Concerns may be sent to or to any member of the IACUC.

Requests for anonymity will be honored to the extent possible. This includes protecting the confidentiality of those who report concerns, as well as anyone against whom allegations are directed, while allegations are under investigation.

Research Compliance

Rebekah Raney, Compliance Coordinator

P.O. Box 13024, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee:
Institutional Biosafety Committee:
Institutional Review Board: