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To provide fair representation, Staff Council seats are divided by occupational/Equal Employment Opportunity classification (for example, administrative support, service/maintenance), and one representative is elected for every 25 eligible staff members. A list of eligible staff members in each occupational/EEO classification is provided during elections.


To be eligible to serve on Staff Council, an employee must:

  • be a benefits-eligible staff member at the director level or below
  • and have worked at SFA for one continuous year as of June 1, 2022.


  • staff members reporting directly to the president
  • staff members of departments directly reporting to the Board of Regents
  • staff members of the SFA Charter School
  • executive staff members who are members of the officials and administrators EEO job category*

* Assistant directors, associate directors and directors are not considered executive staff for the purpose of Staff Council and thus are eligible for nomination and election.

Occupational Classifications

Job categories are based on the descriptions provided by the federal government. After reviewing the responsibilities and primary job duties, knowledge and training, and level of skill required, Human Resources determines which category is the best fit for a position.

Staff Council representation comes from each of the following categories:

Administrative Support (Group 50)

Clerical positions in which employees are generally in an office setting and are usually responsible for administrative support duties, like processing paperwork, filing, answering phones and working on the computer.

SFA job titles include administrative assistants, secretaries, program associates, accounts payable clerks, accounting clerks, executive assistants, assistants to the dean, graduation specialists, student records specialists, admissions specialists, etc.

Officials and Administrators (Group 10)

Positions in which employees direct and create policies, exercise overall responsibility for execution of these policies, direct individual departments or provide specialized consultation.

SFA job titles include directors, controller, and registrar. While this category also includes president, vice presidents, associate/assistant vice presidents, chief officers, executive directors and head athletic coaches, they are excluded from Staff Council membership.

Professional (Group 30)

Jobs which require specialized and theoretical knowledge that is usually acquired through college degrees or certifications, or through work experience and other training that provides comparable knowledge.

SFA job titles include associate/assistant directors, academic advisors, athletic trainers, assistant athletic coaches, counselors, teachers, accountants, budget analysts, area coordinators, development officers, systems programmers, VDI administrators, financial aid counselors, admissions coordinators, accompanists, police lieutenants, etc.

Service/Maintenance (Group 70)

Jobs in which employees perform duties that result in or contribute to the comfort, convenience, hygiene or safety of others or that contribute to the upkeep and care of buildings, facilities or grounds.

SFA job titles include custodial workers, custodial forepersons/supervisors, grounds workers, vehicle operators, dispatchers, traffic officers, support services technicians, heavy equipment operators, etc.

Skilled Workers (Group 60)

Positions in which employees perform jobs that require special skills usually acquired through on-the-job training and experience, or through apprenticeship or other formal training programs.

SFA job titles include HVAC mechanics/forepersons, plumbers, electricians, electronics technicians, locksmiths, painters, building operators, building trades technicians/forepersons, auto service technicians, police officers (police officer I to sergeant), etc.

Technical/Paraprofessional (Group 40)

Jobs that require a combination of scientific or technical knowledge and manual skill, which can be obtained through specialized post-secondary education or through equivalent on-the-job training.

SFA job titles include greenhouse technicians, classroom support technicians, keyboard technicians, clinical lab technicians, technical support specialists, help desk analysts, designer/estimator, testing coordinators, arborists, buyers, etc.

Membership Requirements

Members of Staff Council serve as employee representatives and uphold the organization's ideals. These ideals include:

  • advocating for all staff
  • communicating with his/her/their constituents
  • attending meetings of the Council, accruing no more than two absences at meetings of the whole per term year
  • serving on at least one Council committee
  • adhering to university policy regarding standards of professional conduct, notably when crafting language and expressing opinions during Council affairs
  • maintaining confidentiality of discussions held during meetings' executive sessions