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Officers and Representatives

Officers and Representatives

Are you a staff member looking to reach out with a question or concern? Contacting a Staff Council representative is a great way to get the conversation started!


  • Brittany Beck, chair-elect
  • Choya Coleman, treasurer
  • Emily Keller, secretary
  • Grace Romero, chair
  • Lissy Turner, parliamentarian



Bylaws Committee

  • Lissy Turner, chair
  • Gina Ajero
  • Craig Yates

Communications Committee

  • Tim Lewallen, chair
  • Crystal Deckard
  • Angela Harless
  • William (Bill) Stelson

Nominations and Elections Committee

  • Brandon Stringfield, chair
  • Gina Ajero
  • Crystal Deckard
  • Amanda Kennedy
  • Nadia Sifuentes
  • Craig Yates

Staff Recognition Committee

  • Ashley Schmidt, chair
  • Sabrina Delaney
  • Ryan Dietrich
  • Heather Hawkins
  • Shana Scott

Worklife Committee

  • Travis Killen, chair
  • Daniel Adame
  • Ken Morton
  • Erika Sanchez-Garza
  • Leon Stefl

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