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Officers and Representatives

Officers and Representatives

Are you a staff member looking to reach out with a question or concern? Contacting a Staff Council representative is a great way to get the conversation started!


Staff Council Officers
Elected Officer Role
Meredith Baily secretary
Travis Killen treasurer
Alison Reed chair
Grace Romero chair-elect
Lissy Turner parliamentarian


Staff Council Representatives
Elected Representative Department Equal Employment Opportunity Category Term Ends
Gina Ajero College of Liberal & Applied Arts Administrative Support 2025
Meredith Baily Project Management (ITS) Professional 2023
Courtney Beavers College of Fine Arts Professional 2024
Veronica Beavers Multicultural Affairs Professional 2023
Brittany Beck Orientation Programs (Student Affairs) Professional 2023
Sharon Brewer Provost & EVP Academic Affairs Administrative Support 2024
Brandi Bryant Athletics Professional 2023
Choya Coleman Information Technology Services Professional 2025
Surry Consford Physical Plant Skilled Workers 2024
Jennifer Crenshaw School of Honors Administrative Support 2023
Sabrina Delaney Registrar Professional 2025
Rebecca Galatas Registrar Administrative Support 2023
Angela Harless Physical Plant Service/Maintenance 2025
Veronica Herrera Physical Plant Service/Maintenance 2023
Emily Keller Residence Life Operations Technical/Paraprofessional 2025
Amanda Kennedy University Police Department Professional 2024
Travis Killen Information Technology Services Professional 2024
Agatha Moreland Physical Plant Service/Maintenance 2023
Kenneth Morton Campus Recreation Administrative 2024
Alison Reed Center for Teaching & Learning Professional 2024
Jordan Riley Physical Plant Skilled Workers 2023
Grace Romero Campus Recreation Professional 2024
Richard Stobart Physical Plant Service/Maintenance 2024
Brandon Stringfield Information Technology Services Professional 2025
Ashley Ward Health Services Technical/Paraprofessional 2023