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Are you interested in shaping conversations that affect SFA staff? Do you know another staff member willing to serve as a voice for campus employees?

Staff Council is a consultative organization that supports staff members. As valued and critical contributors to shared governance, council members collaborate and communicate with staff colleagues to address concerns and find resolutions to a range of issues.

Responsibilities of a Representative

Expectations of a representative include:

  • Advocate for constituents and improve our institution by listening to and engaging with staff on campus topics.
  • Attend Staff Council meetings and serve on at least one council committee.
  • Once elected, representatives serve three-year terms beginning in September and commit up to ten hours per month (one to two hours per week) to Staff Council during the scope of their normal duties.

Staff Council Impact

Staff Council regularly provides a platform for discussing current issues and keeping employees informed. During council meetings, representatives and guest presenters have addressed campus topics such as:

  • diversity and campus climate
  • employee training improvements
  • impacts of joining a university system
  • shared governance
  • space utilization
  • staff salaries

These discussions are the result of interests and concerns shared by staff members, and, as a representative, you can contribute to those conversations! Submitting a nomination during the election cycle is the first step toward being a part of Staff Council's ongoing efforts.

How to Submit a Nomination

Nominations for 2024-25 Staff Council representatives will open 7 a.m. Monday, June 10 and will run through 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 26

You may nominate yourself or another staff member, as long as eligibility requirements for the nominee are met. A list of eligible employees is provided during elections. Dates and physical collection box locations for nominations will be posted here during the election cycle's nomination period.

Verification of Nominees

After the nomination cycle ends, Staff Council Nominations and Elections Committee will verify each nominee’s eligibility, willingness to run for election, and supervisor’s support of his/her/their nomination. Supervisors who do not support a nomination will be required to provide justification to the interim director of Human Resources.


Voting for the 2023-24 election cycle is open 8 a.m. Tuesday, July 25 and will close at 5 p.m. Wednesday, August 2.

Voting Instructions

  1. Log in to mySFA.
  2. From the "Home" navigation, locate the "Important Notifications" heading, and click the link labeled "Staff Council Election Ballot."
  3. Follow the instructions provided.

Staff members will vote to elect individuals to represent their EEO category. You may verify your EEO category as follows:

  1. Log in to mySFA.
  2. Select the "Employee" navigation and find the "Employee Info" heading.
  3. Choose the "EEO Category Look-Up" link.

Available Seats (2023-24 Election Cycle)

Votes are cast for seats within these occupational/Equal Employment Opportunity classifications:

  • Administrative Support (Group 50) – two seats open
  • Professional (Group 30) – four seats open
  • Service/Maintenance (Group 70) – two seats open
  • Skilled Workers (Group 60) – one seat open

There are no seats open for election in Officials and Administrators (Group 10) or Technical/Paraprofessional (Group 40) in this election cycle.

Announcement of Results

Names of elected individuals will be shared via email and SFA Today.