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The history of humanity

How did American culture – the iconic melting pot – come to be? What ancestral influences were drawn upon to create this unique land? These are just some of the questions tackled by anthropologists, and they’re as relevant today as ever. 

Anthropology is the study of human nature and society as well as the human past. By studying these themes at SFA, you’ll be able to successfully relate to a world in which cultural interaction and diversity have expanded dramatically. We want to prepare you for a career and for life in this diverse world by promoting understanding and compassion across cultures and eras. 

Global career reach

Anthropologists teach, research and work in various roles in corporations, government and nonprofit organizations. The degree provides fundamental understanding of world relations that is helpful on many different career paths.

Field learning

We believe that field work is an integral part of any anthropology education. Our students learn in real-world settings either by enrolling in a service-learning course, participating in an internship or field school, conducting community research or taking a study-abroad trip.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in sociology with an anthropology emphasis

The sociology major with an anthropology emphasis introduces students to most of the major areas of anthropology, provides an archaeological fieldwork opportunity and includes room for several elective courses in anthropology.

Minor in anthropology

Minor in anthropology to understand the human experience, past and present. The minor blends natural sciences and humanities.

To learn more about the requirements of this program, see the Undergraduate Bulletin or discuss with your advisor.


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