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Getting involved

Joining a club, organization or honor society is a great way to make friends, get to know your professors and become a more successful student. SFA is home to more than 200 student clubs and organizations, including clubs for students interested in anthropology, geography and sociology.

For more information about anthropology, geography or sociology-related clubs and organizations, you can contact your faculty advisor to find the best fit for your interests. 

Anthropology, geography and sociology clubs 

Meet Lumberjacks who share your interests. Get to know your professors in a more casual, out-of-the classroom environment. Attend guest lectures and conferences. Volunteer on and off campus. The Department of Anthropology, Geography and Sociology is home to a variety of active clubs:

  • Anthropology and Archaeology Society
  • Geography Club
  • Sociology Club
  • Sustainability Club

Honor societies 

SFA’s Department of Anthropology, Geography and Sociology is home to two student chapters of nationally recognized honor societies. Membership will help prepare you for a career and give you access to unique networking opportunities, conferences and scholarships: 



Department of Anthropology, Geography and Sociology

Dugas Liberal Arts North 
Room 335

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13047, SFA Station
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