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Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) - Generalist


Careers that give back begin with a degree in Social Work

Graduates of the School of Social Work find rewarding careers working with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities in a variety of agencies. If your idea of a satisfying career involves helping others, fighting for equality and social justice, and giving back to your community, you’ve got what it takes to make a great social worker.

A Bachelor of Social Work from SFA can open the door to careers in a variety of settings, from state and local agencies to schools or medical facilities.

Hands-on experience

At SFA, we believe that education happens in and out of the classroom. Our students participate in a variety of research projects and internships that give them the opportunity to solve real-world problems and “test drive” their future careers. By the time you graduate, you’ll have an impressive résumé of practicums and internships and an extensive professional network.

Undergraduate programs and requirements

Pre-practice in social work

Before you can apply to SFA’s Bachelor of Social Work program, you’ll need to be admitted to the pre-practice in social work. During the pre-practice program, you’ll complete core courses and electives, plus important prerequisites including human behavior and social environment.

To be accepted into the program, you’ll need an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher and a grade of “C” or higher on all prerequisite coursework. You’ll also need to be nine or less hours away from completing all core undergraduate degree curriculum requirements.

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements.

Ready to apply? You can download an application.

Bachelor of Social Work

In addition to completing all pre-practice work requirements and core university coursework, the Bachelor of Social Work program requires 47 hours of professional social work courses, various courses from supportive disciplines and 13 hours of electives. Check out a sample degree plan here.

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements.

This degree not only prepares you for a rewarding career in social work, but also can prepare you to continue your education in the Master of Social Work program.

What is "generalist practice?"

According to the Council on Social Work Education, generalist practice is “grounded in the liberal arts and the person-in-environment framework. To promote human and social well-being, generalist practitioners use a range of prevention and intervention methods in their practice with diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities based on scientific inquiry and best practices. The generalist practitioner identifies with the social work profession and applies ethical principles and critical thinking in practice at the micro, mezzo and macro levels. Generalist practitioners engage diversity in their practice and advocate for human rights and social and economic justice. They recognize, support and build on the strengths and resiliency of all human beings. They engage in research-informed practice and are proactive in responding to the impact of context on professional practice."

BSW program mission statement

The mission of the Bachelor of Social Work program at SFA is to prepare competent and effective professional social workers committed to generalist practice with the ability to respond to the needs of individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations. The program is committed to providing leadership for the region and around the world, particularly in identifying and addressing community needs and issues, including those related to the alleviation of poverty and oppression, cultural diversity, and social and economic justice.  In support of its educational endeavors, the program is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, lifelong learning and community service.  The mission is consistent across program options.

BSW program goals:

  1. Prepare social work graduates who will be able to demonstrate integration of social work knowledge, values and skills into generalist practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities within a global context.
  2. Produce a curriculum that builds on a liberal arts perspective and prepares graduates to be capable of critical thinking and ethical social work practice with systems of all sizes.
  3. Prepare social work graduates who identify with the social work profession and are committed to becoming lifelong learners.
  4. Prepare social work graduates who will be able to evaluate practice and understand practice issues related to diversity, which include rural lifestyles, advocating for social and economic change, and recognizing the global context of social work practice.
  5. Prepare social work graduates committed to the enhancement of human well-being and to the alleviation of discrimination, poverty and oppression.
  6. Maintain reciprocal relationships with social work practitioners, groups, communities and organizations.



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