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Summer Bridge Program


Aug. 20-23, 2024

Start strong, Jacks. Start the semester inspired, motivated, informed and confident by connecting with other students.
Last day to express interest is Aug. 9.

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What is the Aspire Summer Bridge Program?

We are all about an intercultural, informal, small-group experience. Our purpose is to build a bridge between high school and SFA.

During this four-day program prior to the start of the fall term, current Lumberjacks help build your bridge by sharing all they know about how to set yourself up to earn good grades and make the most of your experience at SFA.

Throughout your first year at SFA, we will continue to support your success with the Aspire Mentor Program and academic services.

What are the benefits of participating in this program?

  • Move in early, get settled and avoid the crowds.
    • Option to participate in the ASPIRE Lumberjack Learning Community, living in Steen Hall to stay engaged and connected with your peers.  
  • Connect with other Lumberjacks — both new Jacks and veteran Jacks.
  • Obtain the skills to avoid the setbacks of poor grades and repeating courses.
  • Get involved with organization, groups and campus communities that may interest you.
  • Become familiar with all the campus resources you might need.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to grow as a person!

What are Jack Packs? Who are Jack Pack Leaders?

You'll be randomly assigned to a small group of Aspire participants called Jack Packs.

Each Jack Pack is led by two Aspire mentors called Jack Pack Leaders. One Jack Pack Leader focuses on academic support and the other focuses on campus engagement. Together, they share with you their tips for success.

How will I experience mentorship?

You'll be a part of the Aspire Mentor Program, which regularly provides opportunities to come together with your Jack Pack friends and continue to get your questions answered. This means you'll have your very own support group!

Where can I view the program schedule?

When you register online, we'll send you a full schedule of the program. Below are some of the activities you can expect to see:

Move and Meet Day

We will help move those boxes into your new room.

Meet-Up Party

Find your Jack Pack and start making friends.

How to Not 'Tick Off' Your Prof

Learn how to impress your professor.

Affinity Spaces

See places on campus that provide a safe, happy space.

Everyday Leadership

Embrace and develop your leadership skills.

Master of My Time

Learn how to get things done.

Debriefing the Day

Regular small group time to ask all of your questions.

Karaoke Night

Sing and laugh and cheer on others.

Game Challenge

Jack Packs compete for a prize.

Taking Care of Business

Time to run campus errands.

I Was Once You

Be inspired by the testimonies of persistence.

Meet and Greet with Campus Leaders

Get to know our faculty and staff.


  • Students holding a moving box

    Aspire participants move in to their residence halls early for the fall term and our Jack Pack Leaders are here to help with the heavy lifting.

  • Jack Pack Leaders and students sitting on stairs

    Our mentor program provides regular opportunities to come together with your Jack Pack and enjoy the benefits of having a tight-knit support group.

  • Jack Pack Leaders entering a building

    Jack Pack Leaders are your mentors for academic success and campus engagement.

  • Students eating pizza and laughing

    Our small-group approach to creating Jack Packs provides countless opportunities to establish friendships.

  • Students laughing playing Jenga

    You'll participate in game challenges with your Jack Pack to win a prize.

  • Students singing

    Karaoke night allows us to come together and sing, laugh and cheer on others.

Offered by Student Development and Access Services, this program is just one of the several resources available that provides lifelong friendships. We're here to challenge and support your development as a young professional.

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Questions about the program?

Ja'Von Long
Assistant Director of Student Development