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Fine Arts


Email addresses and bios for our teachers and staff are available on our SFA Charter School staff directory

Students participate in our fine arts programs, music and art, weekly. Explore the sections below to learn more and view galleries of our students and their hard work.


The music program is taught by Ms. Amy. Music is an opportunity for students to learn and explore melodies and how they can make someone feel. Students also perform at annual events, including:

  • Veterans Day program (fourth graders)
  • SFA's Holiday on the Plaza (first, second and third graders)
  • Winter musical (kindergarten and fifth graders)


The art program is taught by Mr. Havard, who also serves as an adjunct faculty member with SFA's School of Art. During their time at the SFA Charter School, students learn the principles and elements of art and design using a variety of mediums. They explore painting, drawing, collage and pottery, with projects often consisting of college-level ideas adapted for elementary-aged students.

Specific projects are displayed in the SFA Charter School hallways, both to showcase artists' work to their peers and to get younger students excited for new art explorations as they get older.



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