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In the event of an emergency that necessitates evacuation from the Janice A. Pattillo Early Childhood Research Center, the following procedures will go into effect.

Alternative pick-up location

SFA Charter School students will be picked up in the 300 block of Blount Street north of Grace Bible Church. Students with siblings in the Early Childhood Laboratory will be picked up at the ECHL alternative pickup location. Children will remain inside the church until their parent or guardian arrives at the pick-up location and their names are called by an SFA Charter School staff member.

Vehicular traffic arrival directions:

  1. Travel South on Raguet St. from Austin St.
  2. Turn West (right) on Lloyd St.
  3. Turn South (left) on N. Pecan St.
  4. Turn East (left) on Blount St. to the pick-up location.

To exit, you will turn north (left) onto Raguet St. and evacuate the area.

Important: For the safety of children and to expedite the exit of all vehicles, no vehicular traffic will be allowed on Raguet St. between Blount St. and Hayter St. In the event of a campus-wide evacuation, all traffic at the intersection of East College St. and Raguet St. will be directed to travel west toward North St.



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