Disability Services Use of Service Provider


Following review of the client’s request for services and appropriate documentation, if it is determined assistance from a service provider (reader, note taker, etc.) would be a reasonable accommodation, Disability Services makes provider assignments.  Responsibilities and expectations of the client and provider are described in the following guidelines.  If questions or difficulties arise, the client and the provider should seek clarification from Disability Services immediately to insure the quality and timeliness of services.

  1. Once determined that assistance from a provider is an appropriate accommodation the Disability Services Coordinator will match client and provider and make the appropriate assignment.  Interpreter services are coordinated by the Staff Interpreter.

  2. If circumstances arise which cause consideration for reassignment of a provider, changes in services, or continuation of support, Disability Services will be responsible for implementing needed changes.  Neither a provider nor a client may replace a provider on his/her own.

  3. The client should notify the provider and Disability Services with as much advance notice as possible, if he/she will not be in class.

  4. If advance notice is given that the class will not meet, the client should make sure the provider is aware of the cancellation.  The provider, with advance notice, will not count class time on the time sheet.

  5. Both client and provider must be punctual, and must report a “no-show” when advance notice of absence is not provided.  The provider should wait 15 minutes outside the classroom door, or designated location, until the client arrives. Both client and provider should attempt to locate each other when a designated time and place have been prearranged.

  6. In accordance with SFA policy A-10, Class Attendance and Excused Absences, regular and punctual attendance is expected.   If the client misses class three times without advance notice, the client must meet with the Director or Coordinator of Disability Services to discuss reasons for lack of notification.  Repeated violations of guidelines may affect future services.

  7. It is the client’s responsibility to coordinate seating arrangements for the client and/or provider with the instructor.

  8. The client is responsible for obtaining information presented in class and should not expect a note taker to be a substitute for attendance or class participation.

  9. Requests for classroom interpreter services must be submitted at least five working days prior to semester.  All non-academic interpreting must be requested through Disability Services.

  10. Requests for mobility assistance must be submitted at least five working days in advance.  Mobility assistants may be provided for summer orientation, registration, to teach routes, or other specific activities as appropriate.

  11. Services provided outside the classroom setting, such as reading or tutorial assistance, should be arranged by, and be mutually agreeable to client and provider.  Time of day, duration of session, and physical location should be reasonable and appropriate.  If either client or provider feels arrangements are inappropriate, they are expected to direct questions or concerns to Disability Services for guidance. Tutorials can be scheduled in the library study rooms by calling the Circulation Desk.

  12. Clients utilizing reader services will be provided a reader list from Disability Services.  Reader services are appropriate for course related textbooks, handouts, class notes, etc.  Personal study or personal material (such as mail) is not appropriate use of reader services provided by Disability Services.

  13. If providers are being paid through the Texas Commission for the Blind (TCB) voucher system, the client is responsible for arranging payment to the provider and obtaining the provider signature on the voucher.  Students sponsored by TCB should coordinate pay period and pay scale with Disability Services guidelines.

  14. The provider is responsible for completing the time sheet, obtaining client signature and turning in the time sheet by the payroll deadline.  The client is responsible for signing the provider’s time sheet.  The client’s signature serves as verification of accuracy and approval for payment. 

  15. It is vital that clients and providers notify Disability Services immediately of any changes in personal or academic information, such as address, telephone number, add/drop of class, section number change, classroom number change, instructor change, etc.

  16. Clients and providers should perform their responsibilities in a business-like manner.  The relationship between client and provider is a working relationship.  It is inappropriate for either person to request or expect personal assistance that extends beyond the scope of the job assigned by Disability Services.


Students that check out equipment from Disability Services are responsible for returning the equipment in the same condition that it was checked out.  All equipment must be returned at the end of each semester.



The Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides limited taping/scanning of academic textbooks and related course materials not available through RFBD or the publisher.  This service is available using paid and volunteer readers.  The ODS strives to complete reading assignments in a timely manner.  Please allow a minimum of one week's notice for each assignment.  Books and materials are prioritized for reading according to the date the assignment was received, not simply according to the due date of the assignment.  We suggest that you register early for your classes and talk with your instructors to obtain reading assignments before classes begin, if possible.  By providing the ODS with this information before the beginning of the semester, you can assist us in getting your reading assignments to you in a timely manner.

Student responsibility for this accommodation:  

  1. A copy of the course syllabus containing reading schedule is required.

  2. Complete the ODS "Request for Recorded Textbook" form for each textbook or course material needed on tape for the entire semester. This form must contain bibliographic information for the book including complete title, author, and edition.  The student may request this form during the development of the Semester Plan.

The ODS will supply the audiotapes, however students are requested to return all completed tapes by the end of the semester.

ODS process for recording:

  1. The ODS will obtain a copy of the textbook for recording from the Barnes and Noble Bookstore or academic department.   If there is not a copy of the textbook available at the time the reading is requested the ODS will notify you.

  2. The ODS will contact the student when each chapter of your assignment is completed and ready to be picked   up.  Your completed tape will be placed in a manila file labeled with your initials and last four digits of your social security number in the ODS front office.   The ODS will not continue reading for the assignment if you do not pick up completed reading within 72 hours of notification.

  3. You will need to sign the "Receipt of Recorded Textbook" form each time you pick up a tape.  This will ensure we have provided your recorded textbook assignment in a timely manner.

If you experience difficulty with the quality of your audiotapes please let us know!

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