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Charlotte Ashcraft

Greetings, Lumberjacks!

Once again, we began the spring semester with the challenges a pandemic brings and learning with a new set of rules. With the onset of the omicron variant came more frequent testing but often shorter quarantine times, which allowed classes to proceed as normal.

As I write this letter, we are planning our first SFA alumni ambassador training with a goal to equip our ambassadors with the tools they need to engage Lumberjacks in their perspective areas. Alumni Association President-elect Erika Tolar '02, along with board members Alex Ranc '11 & '13, Jaclyn Partin '08 & '14 and Matt Adkins '06, are leading this endeavor.

We would love to have more ambassadors assist our regional chairs. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please reach out to Alumni Association staff members for an application by calling 936.468.3407. Applications are processed and presented on a monthly basis to members of the executive committee for review.

The fall Big Dip was a huge success. We had more than 700 dip their hand in a bowl of purple dye. After they dipped, they were presented with a box containing their SFA class ring. They returned to their seat and held the box until all participants finished dipping. Then, they opened their boxes simultaneously. The event ended with singing the school song and taking a group picture. Parents and family members of the dippers were in attendance to watch. What a wonderful tradition!

We continue to look forward to the university's 100-year celebration. Our Centennial Committee is preparing for the festivities in 2023. Brian Dawson '03 is leading the charge for the Alumni Association, so look for exciting events, including the installment of the big SFA ring statue on campus.

We are very fortunate to have such outstanding staff members and student workers at the Alumni Association. They tirelessly work together to produce events and opportunities for Lumberjacks to connect. Their enthusiasm for SFA and alumni is unmatched.

How can you help promote SFA and the Alumni Association?

  • If you are not a member of the Alumni Association, I encourage you to join online at or call 936.468.3407.
  • Send us a new student to help grow our university and Lumberjack pride.
  • Attend SFA events and check the calendar of events included in each issue of Sawdust and on social media.
  • Show your loyalty to SFA by displaying a sign in your front yard.
  • Hire an SFA graduate.
  • Engage with fellow Lumberjacks on social media.
  • Order an official SFA class ring. Then, come back to Nac for the Big Dip. Traditional ring styles and new coin rings are available.
  • Show your Lumberjack Pride by purchasing a brick on the SFA Walk of Recognition. Leave a legacy. Visit
  • Get the SFA license plate or license plate holder.
  • Wear SFA gear on Purple Friday (every Friday). Check out the new SFA alumni gear featured in this issue of Sawdust.
  • Start a tradition of attending Homecoming activities every fall to reconnect.
  • Share your Lumberjack story. Submit your class notes, wedding or birth announcements at
  • Share your memories by joining the Facebook group You Know You Went to SFA.
  • Tell others about SFA.

Axe 'em, Jacks!

Charlotte Ashcraft signature

Charlotte Ashcraft '80
President, SFA Alumni Association