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Always a Lumberjack bouquet
Always a Lumberjack

SFA students
Melissa Aguilar of Mount Carmel, Dec. 5
TyKuirra Bryant of Carthage, Oct. 31

Dr. Beatrice Clack

Dr. Beatrice Clack

Longtime faculty member Dr. Beatrice Clack passed away Jan. 24.

Born in Beaumont, Clack moved with her family to Plano when she was 13 and later graduated from Plano High School. She received a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Texas A&M University and her master's and doctoral degrees in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Clack completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center before joining the SFA faculty in 1996.

As a professor, Clack was instrumental in growing the Division of Biotechnology and the Science Research Center at SFA. She collaborated with researchers in the United States and around the world. Of particular interest to Clack was working with researchers in Syria to study the Sunn pest in an effort to discover new methods for managing celiac disease, as well as finding ways to help prevent major wheat crop shortages. She published a multitude of papers and received numerous awards throughout her career. Clack mentored, taught and conducted research with countless students during the past 25 years. Many of Clack's former students are now professionals and teachers themselves using the techniques and compassion they learned from her.

Clack also had a deep love for animals, rescuing horses, dogs, cats, cows, snakes, birds, spiders and more. She had a fondness for classical music and played the cello all her life.

Dr. William W. Gibson

Dr. William W. Gibson

SFA Professor Emeritus of Biology Dr. William W. Gibson passed away Jan. 28 at the age of 93.

Gibson grew up in New York. He served four years in the U.S. Army while stationed at Fort Dix in New Jersey. Gibson later graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor's degree in agriculture. He received both his master's and doctoral degrees in entomology from Kansas State University.

In 1962, Gibson moved his family to Nacogdoches, where he taught at SFA for 49 years. Gibson was presented with the SFA Distinguished Professor Award in 1974, becoming one of the earliest faculty members to receive the distinction. He served as faculty sponsor of the Biology Club for more than 40 years.

Gibson designed the invertebrate natural history collection space for the E. L. Miller Science Building, which was constructed on the campus in 1964. Following this achievement, Gibson, his colleagues and students combined their efforts to build a major natural history collection. This collection grew into one of the largest collections of invertebrates in Texas.

In 2007, at the request of the Department of Biology and the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture, the SFA Board of Regents approved naming the collection in Gibson's honor. The William W. Gibson Entomarium was formally dedicated in April 2014.

Bruce Alan Lanham

Bruce Alan Lanham

Bruce Alan Lanham, former SFA construction manager at risk for the physical plant, passed away Oct. 9.

Lanham was proud of the work he did with the physical plant and frequently referred to his projects in conversation. Several university building projects he was especially proud of are the Early Childhood Research Center, Baker Pattillo Student Center, DeWitt School of Nursing, Cole STEM Building, Student Recreation Center and Lumberjack Landing. He worked at SFA for 36 years before retiring in March 2020.

Dr. Donnya E. Stephens

Dr. Donnya E. Stephens

Former SFA faculty member and 1974 SFA graduate Dr. Donnya E. Stephens passed away Oct. 1.

Stephens received her master's degree in education from SFA and attended East Texas State University, receiving her doctoral degree in 1981. She joined the SFA faculty in 1975, where she sponsored numerous student organizations, including Delta Sigma Theta, Omega Psi Phi, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the SFA Texas Student Education Association, American Association of University Women Student Affiliate and the Kung Fu Club. She served as a member of more than 30 college and university committees during her tenure and as a consultant to and on accreditation teams for public schools throughout the East Texas region.

Stephens was inducted into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame and honored with the Regents Professor and a Distinguished Alumni Award from SFA.

Clifford D. Adkison '58 of Lufkin, Sept. 27

Leigh A. Allum '90 of Nacogdoches, Oct. 13

Carolyn K. Barnett '72 & '73 of Henderson, Dec. 16

Rick D. Baty '81 of Houston, Sept. 30

Bryan E. Beale '16 of Nacogdoches, Dec. 7

Jon H. Beard '81 of New Braunfels, Oct. 25

Jack A. Belmont '72 of Lacey, Washington, Sept. 18

Esther R. Boyd '84 of Corsicana, Dec. 26

Clara V. Bradford '77 of Kilgore, Oct. 20

Lillie J. Branton '56 of Lufkin, Sept. 20

Stephen R. Breckenridge '92 of Conroe, Oct. 21

Steven Brevig '83 of Allen, Oct. 11

James E. Campbell '48 of Center, Nov. 12

Deborah K. Chandler '78 of Rusk, Nov. 28

Toni K. Christopher '91 of Waller, Oct. 28

Patricia A. Clements '82 of Ringgold, Oct. 18

Megan L. Conner '14 of Houston, Oct. 1

Noel E. Corbin '71 & '76 of Schertz, Sept. 23

Van D. Craddock '70 of Longview, Jan. 1

Donnah J. Crater '79 of Lufkin, Oct. 4

Geneva G. Craycraft '53 & '58 of Mount Enterprise, Nov. 17

Anne G. Derfus '82 & '95 of Tyler, Sept. 29

Billy C. Duncan '53 of Center, Oct. 16

Patricia B. Edmundson '65 of Waskom, Sept. 8

Daniel A. Engelking '08 of Nacogdoches, Nov. 4

Kim R. Foster '89 of Collierville, Tennessee, Nov. 2

Dewey P. Fuller '67 of Bullard, Oct. 6

Cheryl L. Garihan '79 of Ingram, Sept. 23

Royce L. Garrett '80 & '85 of Lufkin, Dec. 18

Karl S. Gibson '80 & '11 of Nacogdoches, Sept. 1

Benny R. Gowan '74 & '76 of Nacogdoches, Nov. 20

Robert Greer '74 & '77 and former faculty member of Beaumont, Oct. 5

Van C. Hale '61 of Gatesville, Sept. 18

Ayanna M. Fray-Hamilton '04 of Lufkin, Dec. 7

Calvin H. Hancock '52 of Richmond, Virginia, June 11

Don H. Hillin '73 of Carthage, Oct. 30

David W. Hornsby '96 of Henderson, Nov. 7

James P. Hunter of Houston, friend of SFA, Oct. 3

Eugene J. Hutchinson '71 of Henderson, Nevada, Oct. 26

Sue Jared '72 of Rusk, Oct. 10

George J. Kale '77 of Longview, Oct. 7

Karen L. Kennedy '86 of Humble, Sept. 18

Robert L. Lamb '51 of Shelby, North Carolina, Oct. 19

Robert James Landry '70 of Flatonia, Nov. 12

Barbara A. Laws '83 of Jefferson, Iowa, Sept. 19

Eric L. Lokey '88 of Mabank, Dec. 20

Bradley V. Lowery '96 of Nacogdoches, Sept. 29

Marsha S. Marshall '70 of Orange, Dec. 26

Ed M. Mason '56 of Lufkin, Nov. 23

Dr. Gregory L. Maze '17 of Livingston, Sept. 24

Josephine M. McCullough '06 of Jasper, Nov. 4

Theresa Ann Merka '80 of Crosby, Nov. 5

David L. Miller '87 of Dallas, Aug. 17

Jimmy Moses of Alto, former faculty member, Sept. 24

Jeffrey E. Mote '99 of McKinney, Nov. 8

Charlsie Neathery '74 of Houston, Oct. 3

Robert W. Nelson '54 of Nacogdoches, Sept. 25

Charmis Nerren '99 of Lufkin, Nov. 14

Kenneth L. Penney of Alto, friend of SFA, Nov. 7

Christian W. Prutzman '96 of Douglass, Nov. 21

Marye J. Pulsipher-Jones '65 of Nacogdoches, Sept. 26

Joe L. Radford '81 of Palestine, Sept. 10

Joe Renfro '60 of Poteau, Oklahoma, Sept. 21

Mary Kathryn Rhodes '65 & '77 of Carthage, Nov. 11

Johnnie Richey '72 & '76 of Rusk, Oct. 15

Billie E. Rix '56 of Tyler, Dec. 4

Loreley C. Russ '96 of Claremore, Oklahoma, Dec. 23

Bill W. Scott '87 of Morgan Hill, California, Oct. 27

Sam W. Sitton '81 of Nacogdoches, Sept. 18

Carl J. Stephens '64 of Sugar Land, Sept. 20

Charles H. Stoddard '61 of Bryan, Oct. 23

David V. Stroud '72 of Kilgore, Dec. 20

Aaron L. Thigpen '70 of Hillsboro, Oct. 17

Raymond L. Thomas '64 of Carthage, Sept. 8

Janet S. Thompson '91 of Hamilton, Oct. 10

Spencer G. Tiller '58 of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Dec. 5

Frederick S. Towery '75 of Houston, Sept. 29

Arthur W. Voirin '72 & '75 of Nacogdoches, Dec. 26

Martha V. Waggoner '59 of Houston, Dec. 10

Susan Washburn '90 & '92 of Nacogdoches, Oct. 10

Prestene M. Weaver '73 of Caldwell, Nov. 10

Linda G. Whisenant '83 of Beaumont, Nov. 19

Inell P. Whitehead '60 & '69 of Henderson, Dec. 29

Harry L. Williams '58 of Beaumont, Sept. 7

Bridgett Willoughby '08 of Nacogdoches, Nov. 20

Bobbie L. Woodruff '74 of Kilgore, Dec. 22

Melody A. Yount '84 of Elgin, Nov. 7