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Administrative Practices Committee

Chair: Sarah Storts, assistant to the dean of students


  • Jared Baker (Health Services)
  • Rachel Clark (Student Publications)
  • Kelley Consford (Campus Recreation)
  • Shelby DeWitt (Student Life)
  • Renee Holland (Residence Life)
  • Melissa Michael (Residence Life)
  • Melodie Payne (Student Development and Access Services)
  • Janie Poskey (Orientation and Transition Programs)
  • Mollie Rhodes (Baker Pattillo Student Center)
  • Kathryn Salas (Baker Pattillo Student Center)

Charge: Develop a customer service philosophy, create and encourage a practical way to train employees in multiple roles to promote shared services, remain informed on procedures, and communicate new practices throughout the division.

*Membership appointments are tied to specific positions and are not open for just anyone to join

Assessment Committee

Chair: Dr. Hollie Smith, executive director of student life


  • Brittany Beck (Orientation and Transition Program)
  • Donald Brown (Counseling Services)
  • Shelby Dewitt (Student Life)
  • Cornelius Jammer (Testing Services)
  • Jescelyn Madrigal (Campus Recreation)
  • Monique Villegas (Residence Life)
  • Jessica Waguespack (Dean of Students Office)
  • Teagan Wertman (Baker Pattillo Student Center)
  • Heather Yeargan (Residence Life)

Charge: Develop a comprehensive divisional plan to assess student learning and evaluate programs and services.

Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT)

Chair: Andrew Dies, dean of students


  • Sgt. Jamie Campbell (UPD)
  • Sabrina Delaney (Registrar)
  • Clare Fite (Counseling Services)
  • Shannon Jolley (Residence Life)
  • George Montgomery (Student Conduct)
  • Tiffany Rivers (Disability Services)
  • Amy Smith (Student Outreach)
  • Sarah Storts (Dean of Students Office)
  • Lissy Turner (Title IX)

*Membership appointments are tied to specific positions and are not open for just anyone to join

Biennial/Drug Abuse and Alcohol Prevention Program Report Review (DAAPP)


  • Andrew Dies (Dean of Students)
  • Damon Derrick (General Counsel)
  • John Fields (UPD)
  • Clare Fite (Counseling Services)
  • Lacey Folsom (Student Engagement)
  • Shannon Jolley (Residence Life)
  • Loree McCary (Athletics)
  • Lissy Turner (Title IX)
  • Kate West (Title IX)
  • John Wyatt (Human Resources)

*Membership appointments are tied to specific positions and are not open for just anyone to join

Connections and Culture Committee

Chair: Clare Fite, counseling services director
Chair-Elect: Nick Stallworth, Baker Pattillo Student Center director


  • Prici Ceja (Counseling Services)
  • Anine Hermansen (Campus Recreation)
  • Ja'Von Long (Student Development and Access Services)
  • Emma Prince (Center for Career and Professional Development)
  • Abbey Sanchez (Student Engagement GA)
  • Marcie Shoemaker (Health Services)
  • Re'Shawn Thomas (Camus Recreation)
  • Brandon Vannatta (Student Engagement GA)
  • Amanda West (Student Engagement)

Charge: Develop objectives and activities that will enhance a positive work environment, increase engagement levels and improve the culture within our division. The committee will be responsible for tracking employee satisfaction and ensuring the division is embodying our values.

Innovation Committee

Chair: TBD


  • Andrew Baldwin (Residence Life)
  • Ethan Fatheree (Campus Recreation)
  • Richard Grimmett (Testing Services)
  • Erin Hamilton (Health Services)
  • Andres Jaimes Garcia (Residence Life)
  • Stesha Colby-Lynch (Veterans Resource Center)
  • Ken Morton (Campus Recreation)
  • Ron Smith (Counseling Services)
  • Connor Temple (Residence Life)

Charge: Through the lense of creativity and evolution, objectively look at divisional operations and procedures to identify opportunities to better serve our students through new ideas, practices and methods.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Chair: Amy Roquemore, director of student publications and divisional media


  • Donna Hammond (Residence Life)
  • Brendan Lardie (Dean of Students Office)
  • Kim Lee (Baker Pattillo Student Center)
  • Karissa Rickman (Health Services)
  • Heath Sharr (Campus Recreation)
  • Laura Turner (Vice President's Office)

Charge: Develop and implement effective marketing practices and strategies for the Division of Student Affairs that help “tell our story” and promote - both internally and externally - the critical roles we play in student recruitment, retention, access, personal development and success.

Professional Staff Development Committee

Chair: April Place, assistant director of Center for Career and Professional Development


  • Jenny Baker (Counseling Services)
  • Daphne Curl (Testing Services)
  • Richard Chandler (Post Office)
  • Heather Jones (Disability Services)
  • Holly Randall (Counseling Services)
  • Grace Saldana (Campus Recreation)
  • Sydnee Seeton (Center for Career and Professional Development)

Charge: Identify needs and cultivate programs for personal and professional development of division staff in order to aid in career development, increase job satisfaction and belonging, and promote the success of our students.

Student Staff Experience Committee

Chair: Lacey Folsom, student engagement director
Chair-Elect: Shannon Jolley, residence life director


  • Robert Carpenter (Residence Life)
  • Kate Childress (Orientation and Transition Programs)
  • Denise Douglas (Disability Services)
  • Constance Ford (Residence Life)
  • Shannon Jacobs (Disability Services)
  • George Montgomery (Dean of Students Office)
  • Morgan Pulliam (Student Engagement)
  • Bonnie Ryan (Health Services)
  • Marli Scott (Student Development and Access Services GA)
  • Emile Smith (Student Engagement GA)
  • Lillian Smith (Student Engagement GA)
  • Jesse Urbina Ambriz (Health and Wellness Hub GA)
  • Steven Whitman (Campus Recreation)

Charge: Lead the division's efforts to coordinate opportunities for paraprofessionals to enhance leadership skills and abilities through trainings, workshops and certifications.


Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs
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Physical Address:
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Austin Building
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Mailing Address:
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