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Public/Student Health Committee

Public/Student Health Committee


When circumstances arise that require review, the Vice President for University Affairs will convene a Public/Student Health Committee, consisting of appropriate faculty and staff members. This committee will assist the vice president in coordinating the university's efforts to fulfill its responsibility concerning public health.

In carrying out its tasks, the committee shall follow the guidelines of recognized authorities including: The National Center for Disease Control, the United States Public Health Service, the Texas Department of Health, and the American College Health Association.

Further, the committee shall conform its actions to the Texas Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Act and other law. If a public health issue arises that could involve the continuity of business and academic functions of the university, other ad hoc committees may be impaneled to address those particular issues.


Director of University Health Services


Members will be appointed as appropriate, with the General Counsel serving as ex officio.


Dr. Janice Ledet - Director, Health Services

Damon Derrick - General Counsel, Ex Officio

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