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Student Affairs Assessment Committee

Student Affairs Assessment Committee


The Student Affairs Assessment Committee serves as an advisory group to the Vice President for University Affairs on matters relating to the assessment of student learning and programmatic outcomes in the Division of Student Affairs. Specifically, the committee will: Provide leadership and support to assessment initiatives that complement department assessment efforts and measures identified divisional outcomes. Annually review the divisional assessment processes to improve and strengthen the departments' capabilities to undertake assessment. Facilitate sharing of assessment strategies and ways to improve student learning in departments and programs within Student Affairs. Review department annual assessment plans and reports and provide feedback to departments to enable continued improvement in the undertaking of quality assessment. Serve as a resource to departments as they conduct assessments and annual reports (workshops, assessment tools, etc.).

Committee Membership

The Student Affairs Assessment Committee members serve as internal resources for their department/office on assessment and provide leadership to the division in the area of assessment.


Dr. Hollie Smith (chair), Interim Dean of Students

Amy Roquemore, Student Publications and Divisional Media

Carrie Charley, Student Services

Brittany Beck, Orientation

Lacey Folsom, Student Engagement

Robert Carpenter, Residence Life

Ben Telesca, Campus Recreation

Goals of the Committee

Establish a standard and consistent assessment across the Division within programs and services; Facilitate the development and assessment of learning outcomes for programs; Assess how students are benefiting and learning from programs and services; Provide information for planning and decision-making; Develop quality assurance measures for programs and services.

Assessment Help

If you'd like help in any area of your assessment, contact one of our assessment consultants. The purpose of assessment consultants are to provide information and resources to all departments and programs within the Division of Student Affairs.

Dr. Hollie Smith

Ken Morton

Annual Assessment Report

Beyond the Classroom Report 2018-19

Beyond the Classroom Report 2017-18

Beyond the Classroom Report 2016-17

Beyond the Classroom Report 2015-16

Beyond the Classroom Report 2014-15

Beyond the Classroom Report 2013-14

Beyond the Classroom Report 2012-13

Beyond the Classroom Report 2011-12

Beyond the Classroom Report 2010-11

Beyond the Classroom Report 2009-10

Beyond the Classroom Report 2008-09

Rubrics and other Tools

AAC&U Value Rubrics

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment