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Environmental Science


Save the world, one rock at a time

Do you love the outdoors? Do you want a career making the world a better place for humans and nature alike? Environmental science might be the field you’re looking for!

Environmental science is an applied science utilizing the principles of geology to solve environmental problems. Rather than seeking out the history and treasures of the Earth, this field focuses on the interaction between humans and the geologic environment, fixing and preventing damage, and understanding how the past affects the present.

Careers that improve lives 

The work of environmental science geologists has a direct effect on human life and industry all across the globe, reducing both the impact of humans on the environment and the impact of the environment on humans. 

A degree in geology with an environmental science emphasis from SFA can open the door to careers in many different fields.

Get out of the classroom

At SFA, our undergraduate geology students don’t just sit in a classroom until they are ready for field camp. You’ll enjoy trips to local and regional sites for fieldwork and hands-on outdoor learning, as well as opportunities to participate in actual research alongside professors. Smaller class sizes allow us to offer a more direct and personal educational experience than other universities and to get students more actively involved at an earlier stage in their degree programs.

Undergraduate programs and requirements

Bachelor of Science in Geology with an environmental science emphasis

Students majoring in geology have the option to focus on environmental science, using the principles of geology to understand the relationship between humans and the environment and how to repair and prevent damage.

A unique “second major” in geology

If you are majoring in environmental sciences with the environmental geology option (Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture) or in geography with a geology minor, you can complete a second major in geology during the normal four-year period for the bachelor's degree. Contact the Department of Geology for advising.



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