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Professional Geologist Licensure

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Become a Licensed Professional Geologist

When you’re looking for a job or trying to build a business, you want potential employers and clients to have confidence that you meet required standards of training, experience and professional conduct. Geological work can often have a large impact on human health, safety and property, so establish your professional credentials by becoming a Licensed Professional Geologist.

The Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists establishes and enforces the minimum standards in the geoscience disciplines that must be maintained. By Texas state law, any individual taking “responsible charge” of geoscientific work before the public, including state and local governmental entities, must be licensed. A P.G. license is required to supervise the work of other geoscientists in Texas, so if you plan to climb the corporate ladder in geology, earning a BS in geology is your first step!

About the license

The Texas board licenses three geoscience disciplines: geology, geophysics and soil science, each requiring their own exams. However, once licensed, a professional geologist may practice in any of the disciplines, provided they are qualified. The P.G. license is valid for one year and renewable annually.

The SFA Department of Earth Sciences and Geologic Resources strives to ensure that all our students will meet the necessary educational requirements for professional licensing in the state of Texas upon graduation.



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