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Department of Physics,
Engineering & Astronomy


Each day, we unlock the mysteries of the physical universe through the disciplines of physics, engineering and astronomy. Our faculty and staff will serve as your mentors and emphasize teamwork to build a spirit of cooperation between you and your fellow students. Most importantly, you will have opportunities to participate in research – even at the undergraduate level.


  • Tabitha Stricklin '20
    Product Engineer, Robroy Industries

    Tabitha used her time in the Department of Physics, Engineering and Astronomy to fine-tune the skills she utilizes in her current job at Robroy Industries. The rigorous coursework in the department prepared her for a successful career as a product engineer.

    Tabitha Stricklin

    Tabitha Stricklin, Class of ’20

  • Jammie Johnson '18
    Project Engineer, Gupta & Associates, Inc.

    As a project engineer at Gupta & Associates, Inc., Jammie helps maintain the electrical components for wastewater treatment plants and elevation storage tanks across Texas. Johnson credits the department for helping her develop her love of physics and gain an understanding of linear analysis.

    Jammie Johnson

    Jammie Johnson, Class of ’18

  • Tyler Keith, Class of ’11
    NASA - Johnson Space Center

    Radio Frequency Engineer,
    Mission Control Center Recon Specialist,
    CRONUS Flight Controller for the ISS

    Tyler's journey to NASA began in the Department of Physics, Engineering and Astronomy. Spending time in physics labs and at SFA’s observatory, Keith discovered a passion for working with electrical circuits and kinematics. Now, Keith serves as a radio frequency engineer at Johnson Space Center and has served as Mission Control Center Recon Specialist and CRONUS Flight Controller for the International Space Station.

    Tyler Keith

    Tyler Keith, Class of ’11

  • Skyler Self, Class of ’18
    Queue Observer, Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory

    Skyler wasn’t sure where her path would lead after graduation, but it only took one astronomy course at SFA for her to make up her mind. As a student, she cultivated her skills at SFA’s planetarium and observatory. Self now works as a queue observer at the Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory.

    Skyler Self

    Skyler Self, Class of ’18

Transformative Experiences

At SFA, we believe students benefit greatly from hands-on learning in and out of the classroom. Transformative experiences are at the core of our academic philosophy.

Meet Our Students

  • Jordan Garcia

    Jordan Garcia

    Jordan spent his summer in the Cole STEM Building making 100 face shields to assist in COVID-19 relief efforts. To make the shields, a clear permanent laminate was attached to the shield frames, which were 3D printed from an SFA design. Garcia met with Dr. Christopher Aul and Dr. Dan Bruton through Zoom to develop plans for face shields, ear savers, sneeze guards, partitions and a filter adaptation for a full-face diver’s mask.

  • Ayodeji Akinuliola

    Ayodeji Akinuliola

    Ayodeji is a graduate student studying a blend of electrical engineering, physics and astronomy with a focus on high-altitude balloons carrying scientific payloads into space. After graduation, she looks forward to using artificial intelligence to solve problems in physics, believing that all goals can be achieved with the right set of skills at hand.

  • Kasey Holland

    Kasey Holland

    Kasey was one of our first two Engineering graduates – earning his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics in 2016. He is now working in New York as a Research Assistant at the Lighting Research Center. 

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