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Explore deep space from campus

Space is a big, complex place. Our planetarium makes concepts easier to understand by presenting them to students in an environment that is so immersive, you'd swear you were standing on the surface of Mars.

The SFA planetarium provides a unique teaching and learning space for all STEM disciplines. This 119-seat planetarium is one of the most sophisticated in Texas with a 52-foot diameter nano-seam dome and state-of-the-art 4K Digistar 6 projection system.

Great for students of all ages

The planetarium is a great way to introduce elementary, middle school and high school students to the stars. A visit to our planetarium typically involves a multimedia show, a guided tour of the evening sky using the projector and a Q&A session with our staff.

We offer shows appropriate for children as young as three years and up to high schoolers. These shows bring concepts of space to life.

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