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Lay the foundation for your future

If the thought of becoming an engineer excites you, but to the point you just can’t pick a focus, pre-engineering is the program for you. This two-year program will help you decide which type of engineering suits you best.

Pre-engineering lays the groundwork for your engineering background and gives you the sciences and math background you need to be an engineer. From there, students can choose to transfer to another school to focus their education on a wide range of engineering disciplines, including:

  • Civil
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical

Important: Students should contact engineering schools such as Texas A&M University, The University of Texas (at Austin, Tyler or Dallas), the University of Houston and Texas Tech University about the compatibility of the suggested curriculum with their program.

A rewarding career

As a pre-engineering student at SFA, you’ll prepare yourself for challenging and exciting (and high-paying) careers in a wide range of industries. Engineering majors go on to work in oil and gas, aerospace, construction and many more fields.

Learn more about careers for engineering majors.

The experience of a lifetime

Undergraduate students at SFA have a unique chance to work alongside their professors on research projects that solve real-world problems. This means that, along with getting a world-class education, you also have a chance to get published and start your career before you even finish school.

There is also no shortage of clubs and activities to help fuel your love of engineering. You can try your hand at everything from 4-H Robotics to near-space projects while at SFA.

Undergraduate programs and requirements

The pre-engineering program is designed to help you find your passion in the world of engineering. Students have a chance to explore the various engineering disciplines and choose an area to focus on after two years.


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