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Inventor's delight

SFA understands the importance of letting students follow their own passions and figure things out for themselves. To ensure you have access to the tools and resources you need, we’ve created makerspaces in the Cole STEM Building.

Makerspaces are collaborative work spaces where students can go to learn, explore, make and share ideas. They serve as a gathering point for tools, projects, mentors and expertise. You can explore everything from coding to robotics and 3D printing to laser cutting as you work on your projects.

What to expect

Use makerspace equipment to apply concepts from construction, electronics, robotics, woodworking, metalworking, laser cutting, programming or some combination of these skills to expand your knowledge of physics and engineering.

The space is outfitted with full presentation capabilities, including multiple whiteboards and chalkboards for illustration and problem-solving.

Other equipment you can use:

  • 3D printer PLA (polyactic acid)
  • 3D printer SLA (stereolithography)
  • Large screen monitors
  • Laser cutter
  • Soldering stations

Student projects

The spaces are designed for advanced projects in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and physics but are also available to all students enrolled in engineering or physics courses to collaborate on student projects.

Examples of student projects that have utilized makerspaces include:

  • constructing control systems
  • designing communication devices
  • building remote control robotic systems
  • assembling advanced physics experiments
  • investigating photovoltaic solar power generation
  • printing circuit boards
  • and testing mechanical systems.

Fun and friendly competition

There’s more to our department than just work. Our physics, engineering and astronomy competitions are a great way to have fun and meet Lumberjacks who share your interests.

Want to see how your ideas stack up against others? Get involved in the Human Powered Bicycle Competition. Want to send something into (near) space? Students involved in SFA’s Near-Space projects have been experimenting with objects sent upward of 60,000 feet into the air to record video footage and take measurements like pressure, altitude and temperature.


Department of Physics, Engineering and Astronomy

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