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Empowering the next generation of STEM professionals

Students in the College of Sciences and Mathematics participating in undergraduate research develop valuable skills by conducting research or contributing to a larger research project. Opportunities such as the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience help students learn skills needed for professional success after graduation.

Undergraduate research projects may involve:

  • developing soft skills (critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, quantitative reasoning, communication, personal and time management, professionalism, collaboration and responsibility),
  • identifying and utilizing relevant previous work in support of a research project,
  • identifying and utilizing appropriate methodologies to address a research question or creative objective,
  • meeting the relevant field’s standards for the responsible conduct of research and effectively navigating challenges that arise in the research process,
  • working collaboratively with other researchers through demonstration of effective communication and problem-solving skills,
  • writing a manuscript and/or presenting the research effectively in a conference setting,
  • and reflecting constructively on the research experience by identifying what was learned, personal strengths and opportunities for growth, and how the experience informs future educational and career goals.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

S.U.R.E. is an opportunity for students to be paired with a faculty member for one-on-one mentoring during the summer. For approximately 10 to 12 on-campus hours per week, S.U.R.E. participants will be guided by their mentor in ways to conduct a research study over five to 10 weeks. Students will attend several seminars to broaden their knowledge over various topics and interact with other S.U.R.E. participants and will create and present a poster over their research at the conclusion of S.U.R.E. and at a Showcase Saturday event.

Program Guidelines & Stipends

This experience is intended to expand a collegewide undergraduate research program. Formal S.U.R.E. activities will be scheduled during the second summer term. However, work on individual projects may start as early as the spring semester or first summer term.

Faculty members will lead the discussions for at least one of the weekly meetings (if applicable) and will receive a maximum $1,300 stipend including departmental matches.

Students receive a minimum $500 scholarship applied to the fall tuition bill with a possible match from the department (depending on available funds). Students must enroll in the fall semester following their S.U.R.E. project to receive the scholarship.

Up to $500 is available for supplies. Recipients are encouraged to request matching funds from their department.

Application Information

Summer 2020 Application:

The application is available to download online and is due by Jan. 31. Completed applications should be submitted to the College of Sciences and Mathematics Dean’s Office, located inside the Cole STEM Building, Suite 406.

As part of the mentoring process, students should be involved in the development of the applications.



Visit the Advising page to contact the college's advising center.

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