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Lumberjack mathematicians thrive in our program

Everything around you is rooted in mathematics, which means that opportunities are endless when you graduate with a degree from one of our top-notch mathematics and statistics programs. 

As a mathematics student at SFA, you’ll work directly with faculty members who hold Ph.D. degrees (no 300-student classes run by teaching assistants!) in a friendly, supportive environment that encourages you to test your limits and tackle real-world problems. What you learn at SFA will prepare you for career opportunities in virtually any field, as well as help you pursue further academic advancement!

A Message from the Department Chair, Lesa Beverly

Mathematics is one of the most interesting, challenging and practical majors a student can choose. A degree in mathematics is recognized as valuable by many professions because of the inherent emphasis on the development of critical thinking, problem-solving and logical reasoning skills. Careers utilizing mathematics and statistics consistently rank at the top in job satisfaction surveys that are published every year. Our faculty love their discipline and are committed to sharing it with students via teaching and research. Our majors will tell you that we’re always here for you whenever you have a homework problem, a registration question or just want to explore an intriguing idea or conjecture. Come by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and let us introduce you to the beauty of mathematics and statistics. 

If you have questions about pursuing a degree in mathematics, we are here to help!

Lesa Beverly, Ph.D.


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Physical Address:
Bush Mathematical Sciences Building
Suite 301

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13040, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962