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A formula for success

At SFA, we want every Lumberjack to have a successful and fulfilling university experience, and that’s why we offer student advising resources to guide you every step of the way. Want to learn more about becoming a certified mathematics teacher? Looking for clubs and activities where you can meet other mathematics-minded Lumberjacks? Need to make sure your degree plan is on track? Your advisor can help.

From the first day you set foot on campus to the day you receive your diploma, your advisor will help you plan a program of study that lines up with your interests and career goals. Your advisor will help you track your progress and stay motivated as you work toward your mathematics degree. Your advisor is a resource to consult when you are making decisions about possible career opportunities, internships and summer institutes. 

Your advisor will encourage you to regularly utilize resources, such as the General Bulletin, that are carefully designed as a guide for you, providing detailed information about all processes and requirements of being a student at SFA. Your advisor wants to know who you are and what you want to become, so that you can be made aware of opportunities that will set you on the path toward success.

Your advisors

All mathematics and statistics faculty serve as academic advisors. When you declare that you want to pursue a degree in mathematics, you'll be assigned one who will serve as your advisor throughout your tenure as a mathematics major. Each semester, you’ll meet with your advisor to talk about your current progress and to discuss your academic schedule for the next semester. You may also schedule additional meetings with your advisor as needed.

All faculty are different, so at your first meeting, ask your advisor for the best way to arrange subsequent meetings. You can find your advisor’s contact information on the faculty and staff page. Don't be surprised to find that your advisor is also your professor at some point in the progression of your coursework.

Degree plans and academic progress

At certain times on your path to graduation, you’ll need to complete official university paperwork documenting your progress. For example, after you complete 45 hours of credits, you are required to file a degree plan which is basically a map of your program showing what credits you have completed and what courses remain in order to graduate. 

In situations like this, you’ll need to make an appointment with the professional advisor for mathematics and statistics students, Trina Menefee. Your academic advisor will remind you of these deadlines; at that point, you will make an appointment by:

  • Calling: 936.468.3902
  • Emailing:, or
  • Visiting: Miller Science Building, Suite 127



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