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Brightspace Support for Faculty

Brightspace Support

Brightspace by D2L is SFA's learning management system. Brightspace is used by faculty members across campus to create and deliver course content, post grades and much more. It is accessible via mySFA or

Introduction to Brightspace

Video: Why and How to Use Brightspace

Video: Accessing Brightspace

  • Description: Learn how to access Brightspace by D2L.

Video: Locating your Course in Brightspace

  • Description: Learn how to locate your course in Brightspace.

Video: Brightspace Email Overview

Video: Image Accessibility and ALT Text

Video: Setting Preferred Prounouns in Brightspace

Video: Brightspace Editor

Video: Opting in to Email Notifications of Adds and Drops


Video: News Overview


Video: Brightspace Content Overview


Video: Creating Checklists in Brightspace


Video: Brightspace Grades Overview


Video: Classlists


Video: Unenrolling a Student in Brightspace


Video: Discussions Overview

Video Notes

Video: Video Note Tool

Dropbox (Assignments)

Video: Dropbox Overview


Video: Special Access Settings


Video: Dropbox Evaluation Screen


Video: Quizzes Overview


Video: Building Secure Quizzes in Brightspace - Part 1


Video: Building Secure Quizzes in Brightspace - Part 2


Video: Multi-Select Quiz Questions in Brightspace


Video: Creating "Written Response" Questions to Allow Students to Record Video Answers


Video: Building Brightspace Quizzes: Properties Tab


Video: Quizzes Special Access


Video: Building Brightspace Quizzes: Restrictions Tab


Video: Building Brightspace Quizzes: Editing and Adding Submission Views


Video: Building Brightspace Quizzes: Assessment Tab

Student Progress

Video: 5 Methods for Viewing Student Progress

Intelligent Agents

Video: Introduction to Brightspace Intelligent Agents


Video: Creating Groups in Brightspace

Course Management

Video: Copy a Course or Pieces of a Course

Changing Course Start and End Dates (PDF)

Enabling Students to Finish Incompletes in Brightspace (Using the Student-Extend Role) (PDF)

Video: Backing Up a Course

Student Bulk Enrollment Request Form

LTI and External Learning Tool Integration


  • If you're using a third party or publisher-provided tools, please call our team for assistance.

Contact the Brightspace Support Team

Here's how to reach our Brightspace Support team:

  • Virtual lab
    • Brightspace support via Zoom is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Visit the Brightspace homepage for a Zoom link.
  • CTL Support Quick Link
  • Contact Information:
    • Get help by phone, email or in person. Appointments are available by request and walk-ins are welcome.
    • Phone: 936.468.1919
    • Office Location: Steen Library, room 208
      • Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Brightspace Videos for Faculty
    • CTL Brightspace Video Playlist.
  • Brightspace Community Faculty Videos
    • Brightspace's Video Playlist.

Brightspace Community

The Brightspace Community site is the primary destination for D2L's community of clients, partners, users, developers and D2L staff to:

  1. Find product information, release notes, documentation, videos and webinars.
  2. Share product ideas with D2L and your knowledge and resources with others.
  3. Connect with other users and D2L staff through membership and discussion forums.