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Virtual Saturday

Virtual Saturday


Experience Livestream Classes!

Join SFA faculty members live on Saturday, Aug. 1, to "attend" a virtual, simulated livestream course and to ask questions about classroom experience.

Sessions are open to all interested. Registration is required and available via the links below.

Additionally, the Academic Assistance and Resource Center will showcase sample supplemental instruction sessions to demonstrate the nature of virtual peer tutoring support.

10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 1

Dr. Stephanie Ross
Assistant Professor, Schlief School of Accountancy
Rusche College of Business
Making Accounting Marvels
Register for this session.

Angela Bacarisse
Professor, School of Theatre
College of Fine Arts
Design for the Stage: Why We Wear Clothes
Register for this session.

Dr. Chris Sams
Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Cultures and Communication
College of Liberal and Applied Arts
Introduction to Forensic Linguistics: The Use of Language as Evidence in Legal Proceedings
Register for this session.

11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 1

Dr. CJ Aul
Assistant Professor of Engineering, Department of Physics, Engineering and Astronomy
College of Sciences and Mathematics
Stress and Strain: An Engineering Perspective
Register for this session.

Chef Todd Barrios
Chef Instructor, School of Human Sciences
James I. Perkins College of Education
Turn Up The Heat! What happens to food when heat is applied?
Register for this session.

Dr. Jeremy Stovall
Professor of Silviculture, Forestry and Spatial Science
Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture
Trees and Forests
Register for this session.

Noon Saturday, Aug. 1

M.E. McWilliams, Director
Ralie Sutton, Graduate Assistant
Academic Assistance and Resource Center
Virtual Tutoring and SI Showcase
Register for this session.