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Health Insurance Requirement

Newly Accepted Students

SFA requires all international students and their dependents, regardless of visa classification, to maintain health insurance to protect them during their time at SFA. Health insurance is not required during periods of Optional Practical Training or during summer holidays when students are not enrolled, but it is highly encouraged to prevent any break in health insurance coverage. Any injuries or illnesses that occur during a lapse in coverage could be considered a pre-existing condition, which would not be covered by the student's health insurance upon their return to SFA.

2022-23 Insurance Policy for International Students

We have partnered with LewerMark International Student Health Insurance to provide insurance for our students for the 2021-22 academic year. All international students, with the two exception of student-athletes and nursing students, will be automatically enrolled in the SFA endorsed insurance policy.

View LewerMark's benefits guide for the SFA insurance plan to learn more about resources, coverages, exclusions and more.

Printing your insurance ID card

  1. Visit the SFA portal on the LewerMark website.
  2. Select "Print Your ID Card" to be redirected to the login screen.
  3. Use your SFA student ID number and the default password.
    • Default password:
      • Your date of birth in the MMDDYYYY format.
      • For example, July 8, 1998 would be 07081998.
  4. Print or save your ID card.

Premium Costs

The insurance policy will be charged directly to your eBill in the amount of $150 per month.

Insuring dependents

Students who are accompanied by their spouse and/or children must purchase coverage for them that fulfill the required coverage. Contact for more information.

Alternative insurance for student-athletes

Student-athletes who will receive coverage through the SFA athletics department are exempt from enrolling in SFA's insurance policy for international students.

Alternative insurance for nursing students

Nursing students who need to purchase a policy to meet the requirements of their academic program are exampt from enrolling in SFA's insurance policy for international students.

For details on providing proof of your health insurance through the DeWitt School of Nursing, you must contact an advisor within the Office of International Programs by calling 936.468.3927 or emailing


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