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B-2 visa required for international family members and friends 

We would love for your family members and friends to visit as your guests during your time at SFA. Unless they are granted a visa waiver, all international guests are required to obtain a B-2 visa and there is documentation you may complete or gather to help facilitate the process.

Note: The information presented below does not constitute legal advice and is for informational purposes only. Although believed to be accurate, this information is subject to change and the Office of International Programs and the university cannot guarantee how the United States consulates and/or visa officers will approach an individual's application.

Documents to send to the visitor

To apply for a B-2 visa, an applicant will need supporting documents from you:

  • Write an invitation letter, in English, inviting the individual for a visit.
    • If the applicant does not read English, provide them with a translation so that they will know what the visa officer is reading.
    • Download an invitation letter template (docx).
  • Provide evidence of your valid student status with
  • Provide evidence of your ability to financially support your visitor if they do not have their own funds.
    • This may be a bank statement, assistantship award letter, etc.

Next steps

The applicant will need to submit the invitation letter and your supporting documents the U.S. consulate with their application for the B-2 visa. They also should include as much documentation as possible to prove they will depart the U.S. prior to the expiration of their authorized stay.


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