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DACA and Dreamer Resources

Undocumented Student Guide

Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities for Undocumented Students

Texas Application for State Financial Assistance (TASFA)

Toward EXcellence, Access, and Success Grant Program (TEXAS Grant),institution%20as%20a%20Texas%20resident&text=Have%20financial%20need%2C%20as%20determined,crime%20involving%20a%20controlled%20substance

Student Emergency Aid Fund

Started back in 2019, the Student Emergency Aid Fund was created to help students who have financial needs that cannot be remedied any other way. Any student at SFASU is eligible to apply, including undocumented students.


TheDream.US is the largest college access and success program for DREAMers. Learn more about it here (

Betancourt Macias Family Scholarship Foundation

Five $1000 scholarships for undocumented students of different backgrounds (

Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA) Foundation Scholarship

Undocumented students with or without DACA are eligible! LTA members as well as non-members are encouraged to apply! Deadline is May 31, 2021.

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

Que Llueva Café Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarship Consortium: Scholars Program

La Unidad Latina Foundation (LULF) Scholarship

Link to website for scholarship (opens Sept. 1- Oct. 15):

Korean American Scholarship Foundation

Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program

Scholarship American Dream Award

Legal Aid and Related Services

Websites, Books, Articles & Academic Journals about Undocumented Students

My Undocumented Life:

Adelitas Apparel:


UndocuBlack Network:

Black Alliance for Justice Immigration (BAJI):

Students Gather at Rally to Protect and Support DACA:

Black Immigrant Lives Are Under Attack:

Undocumented and Black:

Undocumented, Black, and Unseen:

The Prison-to-Deportation Pipeline:

The Overlooked Undocumented Immigrants: From India, China, Brazil:

'I Thought I Was The Only Asian American American DACA Recipient Out There':

In the Fight for Immigration Reform, Where Are Asian Activists?:

Future of Undocumented Filipino 'Dreamers' at Stake in US Election:

Here's What You Need To Know About Sanctuary Campuses:

****TW: Suicide, Mental Illness****

Immigrant's suicide leaves behind pain:

Disillusioned Young Immigrant Kills Himself, Starting an Emotional Debate:

Abrego, L. J. & Negron-Gonzales, G. (2020). We Are Not Dreamers: Undocumented Scholars Theorize Undocumented Life in the United States. Duke University Press. Available for FREE via ebook on SFASU library:

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