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Poverty Simulation

Poverty Simulation 2020

Poverty Simulation

The Poverty Simulation is designed to help participants begin to comprehend what it might be like to live in poverty and survive from week to week. Participants will experience some of the daily challenges a family in poverty may endure over a simulated experience of one month. This experience will take two to three hours. This event is brought to you by the East Texas Human Needs Network.


How do I sign up?

Spots for this event are limited. In order to guarantee a spot we encourage interested participants to pre-register by clicking the button on this page. If you do not pre-register you still may come the day of, however additional spots will be given on a first come, first serve basis

Want to Volunteer?

We love our volunteers! During the poverty simulation we will need volunteers to fill the roles of various community agency and organizations. Each community has a unique task. If interested in volunteering, sign up by using the link on this page. Volunteers will be sent a brief online training and more details prior to the simulation.