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Available to elementary-age children though advanced-level high school students and adults. Occasionally, younger children ages 4 to 7 are accepted into private lessons. Kindermusik is usually recommended, either as a precursor to, or in conjunction with, private lessons.

For students who would like one-on-one instruction, our private piano lessons are offered in 30-, 45- or 60-minute sessions and occur once a week. Students taking private piano lessons have an opportunity to perform at the end-of-semester recital.

Instruction method

We work with students to develop musicality, technique, note-reading skills, knowledge of music theory and an appreciation for the fine art of classical music. This also opens avenues to explore musical expression in jazz, rags, popular and church music.

Registration and lesson information

Private lesson rate varies based on lesson length, instructor level and whether you choose to add weekly lessons. View private lesson tuition and registration information.

Additional performance opportunities

Instructors often have membership with associations such as the Music Teachers National Association, National Guild of Piano Teachers, Royal Conservatory Music Development Program and the Nacogdoches Symphony Club. Through these, our students may be offered additional opportunities to perform, including: local, state and national music competitions and festivals, civic and outreach programs, and theory testing. Explore our additional enrichment goals for more information!

Parent/Guardian information

A parent's guide to supporting your child

Encourage and support an environment where your child can have undisturbed, concentrated time to practice.

Their nails should be clipped short for good finger technique, and a properly tuned piano and metronome are necessary for solid artistic development.

Remember: Interest shown by occasionally sitting down to hear a run-through of a piece or practice session can help your child stay motivated. Students want to share what they are learning with those closest to them.

Expectations of practicing outside of lessons

Students should aim to practice six days a week and may find it best to log their daily practice.

The following table shows the recommended minimum daily practice length based on a student's age. 

Student AgeDaily Practice Length
7-9 years20-30 minutes
10-12 years30-45 minutes
13-18 years45-60 minutes


Music stores

Regardless of shopping in-store or online, always verify the music is in stock. When a store offers to back order for you, it can take weeks to arrive. If the store does not have what you need in stock, it's best to try another store.

For "Just the Facts" theory books, we recommend you contact Encore Music:

Encore Music
706 N. University Dr.
Nacogdoches, Texas 75961

If they are out of stock, try Amazon or contact MusicBag Press at 1.800.558.4461 or visit

Local piano tuners/technicians

Piano tuners/technicians that have worked with our students in the past include:

Larry Greer, adjunct faculty in the School of Music

Paco Morales Font, piano technician for the School of Music

Walter Deptula, registered piano technician

Additional enrichment goals

Student Affiliate with the Music Teachers Association

Nacogdoches MTA is a local chapter for both Music Teachers National Association and Texas Music Teachers Association. This student-affiliate membership provides opportunities to participate in MTNA and TMTA sponsored events, state-level theory testing and world of music testing. 

This organization sponsors local piano festivals, recitals and master classes, all of which student-members may participate. 

If you have questions about joining this association, email

Guild Auditions for the National Guild of Piano Teachers

Guild auditions for the National Guild of Piano Teachers are held annually in the spring, usually in May. Students set personal goals with their instructor to memorize and perform a set number of piano pieces and required minimum technical challenges.

A signed certificate, report card and award pin are given to each participant. There is a fee to participate, which varies based on the number of pieces and/or musicianship phases prepared. More information is available through your instructor closer to the audition date.


Music Preparatory Division

Office hours:
1 - 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Physical Address:
Music Prep House
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