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SFA engages in a culture of effective data governance that utilizes continuous improvement processes.

In 2021, the State of Texas formalized the data governance for state agencies with the 87th Texas legislative session and Senate Bill 475, which emphasized various data assessment, governance and management activities, including the establishment of “an agency data governance program.”

Explore below for more about SFA Data Governance.

Data Governance Steering Council

The SFA Data Governance Steering Council strives to create and maintain a successful data governance program in order to identify SFA data assets, exercise authority and management over those assets, and establish related processes and procedures.

The SFA Data Governance Steering Council intends to fulfill its function by:

  • engaging numerous stakeholder groups across the university
  • leveraging existing SFA resources
  • using Texas Department of Information Resources tools for implementing agency data governance programs
  • creating new SFA resources
  • and communicating and maintaining the necessary processes and procedures for effective and efficient data governance.
Name Title Council Expertise
Karyn Hall Director, Office of Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research Chief Data Management Officer
Marc Guidry Associate Provost Academic Affairs
Lee Furbeck Vice President for Enrollment Management Enrollment Management
Michael Coffee Chief Information Officer Information Technology Services
Brandon Stringfield Chief Information Security Officer Information Technology Services
Kay Johnson Executive Director of Finance and Administrative Services Finance and Administration, Interim
Andrew Dies Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students Student Affairs

For more information, contact Karyn Hall.
Phone: 936.468.3806

Data Standards Team

The data standards team establishes the University Guidelines for Data Standards, Data Integrity, and Security related to the administrative software system. Specifically, these guidelines create measures for the protection, access and use of SFA data that is electronically maintained in Banner. The guidelines define responsibilities of users who input and access Banner data. Divisions or units may have individual guidelines that supplement, but do not replace or supersede, these guidelines.

A data standards team comprised of each data management area will conduct a thorough review of these guidelines at least every three years. Additionally, this team will consider any updates needed as policies and requirements change. If edits are deemed appropriate by a majority of data standards, the guidelines and standards modifications will be documented and implemented in an updated version.

Current guidelines for data standards, data integrity and data security may be accessed on the Banner launch page.


Representative Name Data Management Area
Sherry Bradford Admissions
Kay Johnson Finance and Administration
Lashanda Parkhurst Financial Aid
John Wyatt Human Resources
Brittney Goad Procurement and Business Services
Karyn Hall, Team Lead Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research
Morgan Cortines Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research
Michaelyn Greene Student Business Services
Michelle Brazil Student Business Services
Mickey Diez Student Records
Rich Barnhart Technical Support

For more information, contact



Office of Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research
Phone: 936.468.3806
Fax: 936.468.2642

Physical Address
Rusk Building
Room 106

Mailing Address
PO Box 6194, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX  75962