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Our writing tutors are committed to the teaching and learning of writing. Tutoring services do not include editing your paper. Instead, we are here to teach you skills you can use both now and throughout your lifetime. Reach out today and let us help you generate ideas, deliver your message effectively and guide you through proper sentence structure.

Undergraduate and graduate students Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Get a personalized review of any paper!

View our tutorial videos on YouTube for guidance on using the OWL dropbox and feedback tools:

OWL services

The OWL is open 24/7 during the full term. Simply log in to your Brightspace by D2L account and view your list of ongoing courses for more information.

View the current schedule for writing walk-in tables.

What to expect

Writing tutors will...

Writing tutors will:

  • guide you on specific kinds of sentence level support and overall essay coherence
  • clarify grammar rules
  • explain writing conventions
  • guide you as you revise and edit your own sentences
  • and discuss style, language and rhetorical choices.

Writing tutors will not...

Writing tutors will not line-edit papers.

There are several reasons for this policy:

  • Writers do not learn how to self-edit when someone else fixes errors for them. The AARC’s primary goal is to ensure students have access to learning opportunities that will make them stronger writers.
  • It is not the tutor’s job to find every mistake in a draft. Copyediting is a career that requires a highly specialized skill set that can take years (and a degree) to develop. While student tutors find errors that may make a sentence’s meaning unclear, they are not professional tutors and do not have the training or experience to work on such a technical level.
  • Line-by-line editing could violate SFA’s Academic Dishonesty policy. This would put both the writer and the tutor at risk of facing penalties such as failure and expulsion from the university.
  • Tutors are students themselves! They simply do not have the time to complete or completely “fix” assignments for other students while simultaneously completing their own work. 

If you have any questions, contact Kay Winfield, AARC writing and workshops program director, at or by phone at 936.468.1542.


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Ralph W. Steen Library
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