Attendees at the recent "12 x 12" fund-raiser view some of the 50 artworks created by local artists that were for sale. The event raised over $4,000 for the SFA Friends of the Visual Arts' scholarship fund.

NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS - The SFA Friends of the Visual Arts has announced that their recent "12 x 12" fund-raiser brought in over $4,000, which will be used for scholarships benefiting SFA visual arts students.

"We are very excited about the event's success," said Marty Prince, president of the SFA Friends of the Visual Arts. "We are grateful for our sponsors, Kroger, Point A Media and Wal-Mart; the artists who created the works; and the community members who purchased the pieces."

In preparation for "12 x 12," over 50 local artists, including SFA art faculty and graduate students, created original artworks on 12-inch-square art boards that were then displayed anonymously at The Cole Art Center @ The Old Opera House.

Interested buyers could purchase any of the pieces for $250 during the week-long exhibition, or they could wait until the closing night when all unsold works would be available for $100 on a first-come, first served basis.

"This was the Friends of the Visual Arts' first time to try this type of fund-raiser, and it was a great success," said Christian Cutler, SFA director of galleries. "Next year's '12 x 12' will include an expanded group of artists, making the opportunity to own an original work of art for only $100 even bigger and better."