The Stephen F. Austin State University Board of Regents approved a slate of new faculty and staff appointments, changes of status and retirements at its regular meeting Monday.

New appointments include: Mark Nichols, assistant men's basketball coach; Susan Broussard, academic adviser in education; Angela Lopez, project coordinator in education; Debra LaGrone, financial aid officer; Ellen Caplan, librarian III; Robin Johnson, internal communication specialist in public affairs; Dennis Gregory, manager of residence life administration; Gregory Rhodes, hall director; and Terrence Frazier, director of multicultural affairs.

Changes of status include: Jennifer Edwards, from biology research specialist-lab management to laboratory coordinator; Pamela R. Corman, from interim assistant bursar to assistant bursar; Bobby F. Williams, from interim bursar to bursar; Lisa Stone, from coordinator of advising in education to director of student services and advising; and Hans Williams, from professor of forestry to professor and associate dean of the College of Forestry and Agriculture.

The following changes of status also were approved: Haskell Cooper, from assistant professor of social work to assistant professor and associate dean of the College of Liberal and Applied Arts; William Harris, from adjunct faculty in English to academic adviser; Michael Gillen, from assistant systems administrator in the library to web design specialist; Joseph Strahl, from library database administrator to supervisor of library systems; and Lynda Langham, from associate registrar to interim registrar.

The Board of Regents also accepted the retirements of John Boyd, associate professor of government; Tim Cherry, professor of agriculture; George Ann Leonard, director of assessment of educational accountability and educator certification; and Max L. Morley, associate professor of music.