Stephen F. Austin State University faculty members were recently honored for their years of service to the institution during the annual Faculty Service Awards ceremony.

10 years
Faculty members honored for 10 years of service included, from left, Brad Maule, theatre and art; Wesley A. Brown, geology; Brian Daniel Beavers, mathematics and statistics; Mark Seaman and Mary Catherine Breen, secondary education and educational leadership; Daniel G. Scognamillo, wildlife ecology and conservation/GIS; Laura Osborne, English and creative writing; Ashley A. Hall, business, communication and legal studies; Le'Ann Solmonson, human services; J.D. Salas, music; Todd A. Brown, College of Business; and Laura Logan, nursing. Also honored, but not pictured, were Mario P. Ajero and Gene Moon, music; Bryan Scott Bailey and Linda Black, secondary education and educational leadership; Jeremy J. Becnel, Kent Edward Riggs and John Burian Sullivan, mathematics and statistics; Lynsey Carol Cortines, human sciences; Jillian Renee Defore, Deborah Michell Kirkland, Steven J. Marsden and Dylan Edward Parkhurst, English and creative writing; Dianne Eileen Dentice, anthropology, geography and sociology; Cynthia Marshall Devin and M. Scott Sosebee, history; Delbert L. Graves, kinesiology and health sciences; Matthew Alex Kwiatkowski, biology; Alan Bruce Larson and Michael P. Munro, human services; Michael Maurer, agriculture; Emmerentie Oliphant, social work; Kefa Karimu Onchoke, chemistry; Lee W. Payne, political science; and Karren S. Price, government.

20 years
Faculty members recently honored for 20 years of service at Stephen F. Austin State University faculty members included, from left, Steven Arthur Josephsen, elementary education; Deborah A. Pace and Kimberly M. Childs, College of Sciences and Mathematics; Donald Brent Burt, Stephen Charles Wagner and Beatrice Ann Clack, biology; Brian P. Oswald, forestry; Elizabeth Vaughan, elementary education; William Dan Bruton, physics and astronomy; and Robert Culpepper, management, marketing and international business. Kenneth Farrish, environmental science and forestry, also was honored for 20 years of service, but is not pictured.

30, 40, 50 years
Four long-term employees of Stephen F. Austin State University were among those honored in a ceremony held recently. Honorees included, from left, Bill Weber, human services, 40 years of service; Sally Ann Swearingen, human sciences, 30 years of service; and, with 50 years of service each, SFA President Baker Pattillo and Jim E. Towns, languages, cultures and communication.

Faculty members retiring from Stephen F. Austin State University were honored during a recent ceremony. Honorees included, from left, Volker Gobel, geology; Rebecca Greer, human sciences; Melissa McMillian-Cunningham, theatre; Violet Rogers, accounting; John W. Goodall, music; Kathleen Belanger, social work; Elizabeth Rhodes, dance; and Robert Strader, computer science. Retirees honored but not pictured include Dennis Bradford, history; Wade Carter, Steen Library; Sheila Dyer, human services; Dale Spradling, accounting; Barbara Stump, horticulture; and Mark Turner, music.