Martha Robertson Lee with her twin sons, Jackson and Robert

Martha Robertson Lee participates with her twin sons, Jackson and Robert, in a Kindermusik session offered by the Music Preparatory Division of the SFA School of Music. Registration for summer programs is underway.

NACOGDOCHES, Texas - Kindermusik Adventure Camps will be offered July 25 through 29 through the Music Preparatory Division of the Stephen F. Austin State University School of Music.

Camp sessions take place at the Music Prep House, 3028 Raguet Street. Karen Greer, certified Kindermusik teacher, will teach two classes.

"Peekaboo, I Love You" is a class for newborns through 18 months of age with parents in attendance. The class will be held from 9:30 to 10 a.m. in the Music Prep Performance Hall. Tuition is $110. Home materials include a book, CD and duck.

"Peekaboo, I Love You" features Mother Goose games like peekaboo to help babies understand language. In this special camp, uncover more ways to say "I love you" using American Sign Language, soap bubbles and parent-baby dances. Plus, parents can meet with other newborns and families in the community and learn how music improves the child development process, according to Pat Barnett, Music Prep director.

"Beach Days Summer Camp" is the camp theme for children ages 18 months to 3½ years. Children can enjoy favorite songs and dances, do an octopus hula, jump on a banana boat and then snuggle up and happily relax to gentle beach sounds and songs.

"'Beach Days' is as fun and restorative as … well, a trip to the beach," Barnett said.

Tuition for "Beach Days Summer Camp" is $135 and includes home materials of a book, CD and seashell castanets.

In Kindermusik summer camps, parents play, learn, sing, dance, create and share in the fun of making music together with their children. The deadline to register is July 12.

For more information or to register for a camp, contact Barnett at 936-468-1291 or visit