NACOGDOCHES, Texas - Two faculty members in Stephen F. Austin State University's Rusche College of Business will offer online courses in spring 2017 through an innovative delivery method that will allow students to complete select three-credit-hour courses in almost half the time.

Dr. Susan Jennings, professor, and Dr. Ashley Hall, assistant professor, in the college's Department of Business Communication and Legal Studies, will each offer two online courses during a regular semester - each will offer one course during the first half of the semester and the other during the second half. The course schedule is akin to those typically offered during summer sessions.

"As far as I know, this is not something the College of Business has ever done," said Dr. Marsha Bayless, chair of the Department of Business Communication and Legal Studies. "While the eight-week schedule provides a concentrated, faster-paced course, the same content will be covered and included as in the regular 16-week course so students do not miss out on any vital information in the accelerated format."

Jennings explained this course breakdown follows a national trend.

"Many online programs work on a revolving eight-week schedule that allows students who want to take one class at a time to take more classes during the year," Jennings said. "If this model proves successful, we will be able to offer students the ability to take seven classes in a year - one at a time."

The four classes that will be offered in this half-semester format are BCM 247: Business Communication; GBU 321: Information Technology; GBU 330: Principles of Employee Development; and GBU 310: Business Communication Technology.

"We believe this delivery method could be beneficial for distance-education students and athletes who participate in spring sports," Hall said.

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