Sarah Bone

Stephen F. Austin State University Rusche College of Business student Sarah Bone is a graphic designer with a lifelong love of art and a new-found appreciation for business.

NACOGDOCHES, Texas  –  Sarah Bone listened to her father’s advice. Himself an artist, he told her to do what she loved, and to figure out a way to make a career out of it.

The younger Bone, a lifelong creator of art and a graphic design major, figured out how to put dad’s advice into action. She switched her major to a Bachelor of Arts, a move that gave her the option to add a minor in marketing from the Stephen F. Austin State University Rusche College of Business.

The subtle shift in academic direction is working out fine. Bone just received a $5,000 Skyline Displays of Houston Graphic Arts Education Scholarship for the fall semester through the Advertising Education Foundation of Houston. The nonprofit awards scholarships to those working on undergraduate or post-graduate degrees in advertising, communications, interactive marketing, journalism, radio/TV, commercial art, public relations or related fields.

For Bone, who spends the better part of her days in the Adobe Creative Cloud with Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, the scholarship opportunity was low-hanging fruit that had to be picked. She was encouraged to apply at the behest of marketing professor Dr. Marlene Kahla and graphic design professors Peter Andrew and Daniel Anguiano – a clear indication that business and art can work hand in hand.

While Bone still enjoys the fine-arts side of her life, she’s increasingly interested in marketing and advertising, the work she said will give her a salaried foothold in the workforce after graduation. So far, dad’s advice to Bone, backed by her advisors, has proven sage. All that remains is for Bone to make good on all of it.    

“I feel blessed to have been chosen for the scholarship, and want to make everyone who got me there proud,” Bone said.

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