NACOGDOCHES, Texas — Students at Stephen F. Austin State University will soon be able to concentrate their studies on the science behind the creation of wine, beer and fermented foods.
This fall, the College of Sciences and Mathematics at SFA will offer a new concentration in fermentation science for students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The program will provide students with a broad, fundamental level of knowledge in the chemical, biochemical and microbiological principles and concepts integral to the fermentation process through a multidisciplinary curriculum, according to Dr. Xiaozhen Han, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry.
“Fermented products are everywhere, such as bread, cheese, yogurt, beer and wine, however we seldom ask ourselves what the science and technologies are behind these products,” Han said.
One of just a handful in the nation, the program will use a hands-on approach to address the use of microorganisms as processing agents in the production of wine and beer as well as in a variety of fermented foods. According to Dr. Michael Janusa, chair of the department, students also will learn the basic principles of food handling, hygiene, safety and regulatory prices in the industry, along with the basic principles of management and administration in the hospitality industry.
“While many certificate and two-year programs give you the basics, our four-year program teaches you the math and science behind the processes, which allows you to understand and control and be part of the management production team,” Janusa said.
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