NACOGDOCHES, Texas — Students from Stephen F. Austin State University’s Department of Geology recently achieved the department’s highest overall performance score in a decade on a national standardized assessment designed to test core knowledge and retention.

The group score of 12 graduating seniors was in the 94th percentile on the Area Concentration Achievement Test in Geology, testing in four content areas – historical geology, mineralogy, petrology and physical geology. These scores demonstrate to potential employers the students’ foundation of knowledge and job preparedness.

“SFA geology majors performed well in all content areas,” said Dr. Liane Stevens, assistant professor of geology. “Our graduates are well-prepared to start careers in any of the diverse disciplines in today’s geosciences field.”

The department employs faculty with expertise in geochemistry, petrology, petroleum geology, structural geology and paleontology, ensuring students have access to a wealth of knowledge in a variety of emphases. Through a diverse selection of courses and undergraduate research opportunities, students acquire a varied skill set and are prepared for a range of fields.

Senior geology student Andrew Henry said his performance on the exam was due in large part to the faculty’s commitment to student success.

“The department really strives to ensure each and every student is prepared for the professional world,” Henry said. “They do this by challenging us to think like geologists and focus on learning concepts, not just the memorization of words.”

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