a collection of work by SFA metal/jewelry students

The results of a project in which SFA metal/jewelry students collaborated in a semester-long technical process to create and trade metal brooches with three other universities will be displayed in the window of The Cole Art Center @ The Old Opera House in downtown Nacogdoches starting April 22.

NACOGDOCHES, Texas – Metalworking and jewelry students from Stephen F. Austin State University, Dallas College, New Mexico State University and the University of Texas at El Paso collaborated in a semester-long technical process to create and trade metal brooches.

Practicing the historical process of lost wax casting, the students created original designs by carving wax, according to Lauren Selden, professor of metal/jewelry at SFA. The project was designed to help students learn to problem solve, be persistent and work in a condensed time frame.

“After placing the flasks filled with refractory material and the original wax in a kiln, students cast original forms in bronze into the void left from the melted wax,” Selden explained. “Each artist created rubber molds and wax additions of the original. Participants made a brooch for all of their classmates as well as the three participating universities.”

In addition to Selden, professors Natalie Macellaio, Motoko Furuhashi and Jess Tolbert shared project guidelines and technical tips and had a “Pin Pals Symposium” lecture discussing their personal artwork with all the participating students. Each professor provided an exhibition space in their respective towns of Nacogdoches, Farmers Branch and El Pass in Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Each university will keep the finished pin collection for their programs’ permanent collection. SFA students’ work will be displayed in the window of The Cole Art Center @ The Old Opera House beginning April 22.

“In a time where we haven’t been able to travel and see one another,” Selden said, “these tiny pins have traveled hundreds of miles in order to do what jewelry is often charged to do: bring joy and be a reminder of community.”

A collective virtual lecture is planned for 6 p.m. Monday, April 26, accessible on Zoom. For inquiries, contact lselden@sfasu.edu.

Participating artists included:

SFA: Professor Lauren Selden; Amber Barrett, Kingwood sophomore; Kevin Burgess, San Antonio senior; Kailan Counahan, Rusk graduate student; Lindsey Creel, Austin graduate student; Miguel Gonzalez,  Georgetown junior; Kitty Hall, Melissa senior; Heath Pyle, Dallas senior; Morgan Ray, Center senior; Brendan Ryan, Cedar Park junior;  and Michelle Salerno, Cypress senior.

Dallas College: Professor Natalie Macellaio, Kenya Diaz, Nomaan Mohammed, Ofelia Alvarenga, Raul Najera, Lily Chenbuynak, Daniel Townzen, Maria Villa Reyes, Rebecca Kim, Andrea Robinson, Ray Lavin, Kelaine Kvale and Douglas Jochum.

New Mexico State University: Professor Motoko Furuhashi, Tessa Bond, Paola Corchado, Mathew Deed, Sadie Esquer, Betty Hase, Julieanna Lerma, Everlyn Padilla, Nicholas Quartieri, Trisha Quintero, Cierra Redding, Ruben Reyes and Ger Xiong.

University of Texas at El Paso: Professor Jess Tolbert, Brandon Contreras, Andres Delgado, Ivan Esparza, Roxy Gonzalez, Noelle Marquez, Jess Ceballos, Jess Rivera, Mikayla Fraire, Skylar Boone, Roxy Rodriguez, Robbie Vazquez, Caro Villarreal, Alan Maguregui, Diane Morales and Gaby Alvarado.

For more information about this project and others in the SFA School of Art, call (936) 468-4804. The Cole Art Center is located at 329 E. Main St.