The Stephen F. Austin State University Board of Regents honored a longtime psychology professor with the designation of Regents Scholar for the 2021-22 academic year.

Dr. Mark Ludorf holds a doctorate in experimental psychology with a specialization in cognition from the University of Kansas, and his research interests include attention, memory, leadership, applied statistics/methodology and technology applications in higher education. He joined the SFA faculty in 1991.

The appointment of Dr. Lorenzo Smith as SFA’s next provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, beginning June 1, was approved by the board. Smith currently serves as professor and dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Sacramento. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Smith earned a master’s from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and a doctorate in engineering mechanics from Michigan State University.

Other appointments approved include Christopher LaHaye as broiler research center supervisor, Angela Johnson as learning experience design specialist in the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Jade Dehaas as lead teacher in SFA’s Early Childhood Laboratory. In athletics, Jackson Smith was appointed as golf assistant coach, and Myles White was appointed as football assistant coach.

Regents approved promotions in the College of Sciences of Mathematics including Brian Barngrover to associate professor and Alyx Frantzen to professor in chemistry and biochemistry. Hector Ochoa was promoted to associate professor in physics, engineering and astronomy; Christopher Ivancic was promoted to associate professor in computer science; and Angela Jones was promoted to associate professor in nursing.

In the James I. Perkins College of Education, Dustin Joubert and Heather Samuelson were promoted to associate professors in kinesiology and health sciences, and Sharon Rice was promoted to assistant professor. In the School of Human Sciences, Darla O’Dwyer was promoted to professor, Jennifer Newquist was promoted to associate professor and Todd Barrios was promoted to clinical instructor III. Tingting Xu was promoted to professor in education studies, and Leah Kahn was promoted to associate professor. In human services and educational leadership, Luis Aguerrevere, Stacy Hendricks, and Raul Prezas were promoted to professor, and Lydia Richardson was promoted to associate professor.

Promotions in the Rusche College of Business included Christopher McKenna and Drew Thornley, associate professors in business communication and legal studies. In management and marketing, Matthew Lindsey was promoted to professor, and Pamela Rogers was promoted to associate professor.

In the College of Liberal and Applied Arts, Lee Payne was promoted to professor of government, Paul Sandul was promoted to professor of history, and Catherine Pearte was promoted to associate professor of psychology. In languages, cultures and communication, Jose Netfali Recinos, Christopher Sams, Ty Spradley, and Louise Stoehr were promoted to professor, and Elizabeth Spradley was promoted to associate professor.

Daniel Anguiano was promoted to associate professor of art in the College of Fine Arts, and Inga Meier was promoted to associate professor of theatre.

In the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture, Rebecca Kidd and Yuhui Weng were promoted to associate professors of forestry.

Kyle Ainsworth was promoted to librarian IV, and tenure was awarded to the following faculty members: Daniel Anguiano, art; Brian Barngrover, chemistry and biochemistry; Rochelle Cade and Summer Pannell, human services and educational leadership; James Ewing and Mark Montgomery, education studies; Christopher Ivancic, computer science; Angela Jones, nursing; Dustin Joubert and Heather Samuelson, kinesiology and health science; Rebecca Kidd and Yuhui Weng, forestry; Christopher McKenna and Drew Thornley, business communication and legal studies; Inga Meier, theatre; Michael Murphy, music; Jennifer Newquist, human sciences; Hector Ochoa, physics, engineering and astronomy; Catherine Pearte, psychology; and Pamela Rogers, management and marketing.

Changes of status included Jamyia Barrett, Jamaica Ethington and Christopher Ruth, from hall director to interim area coordinator, residence life; Hollie Smith, from assistant dean of students to interim dean of students, student affairs; Lacey Folsom, from director of student engagement to interim director of student rights and responsibilities; and Michael Walker, from associate professor of psychology to interim Title IX coordinator.

Steve Westbrook, SFA’s former vice president for university affairs, was honored with the title administrator emeritus, and three longtime faculty members were honored with the professor emeritus title: Marsha Bayless, business communication and legal studies; William Clark, mathematics and statistics; and Norm Markworth, physics, engineering and astronomy.

Regents approved the retirements of employees with 123 years of combined service: Susan Dykes, accounting clerk, information technology services; Rodney Bryant, heavy equipment operator, and Mark Holl, grounds and community relations assistant manager, physical plant; and Micky Allen, residence life operation assistant manager.